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    How and when to delay posting of responses on the forum threads?

    Normally the regular members who generally remain online pounce upon any new forum thread on its first sight. However, I have learnt through my experience that in certain cases, it is better to delay posting of responses and some cooling off period should be allowed.
    The most common and typical example of such threads are the threads touching upon a controversial issue. It is better to wait for at least 3-4 responses from other authors and only after that post response to ensure that the effort is not wasted in case the thread is deleted by the editors.
    Sometimes it has so happened that when I posted my response after typing the content laboriously, the thread was gone.
    Sometimes the threads raised on certain gender related topics by female author survive, though there is no guarantee that the same will survive when raised by a male author.
    Then there are certain most wanted type of authors whose threads are particularly watched and there remains a hazard of their threads getting deleted.
    What are your comments about the subject matter?
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    If each and everyone wait for other members response, the thread will starve without any response. Whether controversial or non- controversial, think on your own and post your own good responses without trying to copy other members thought process. Be original in your action and deeds.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Sun (#572017) - My point was to allow some cooling off period, before responding, on only certain kind of threads whose survival is not sure. In the normal threads, I do respond on first sighting.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Kailash Kumar, are you confused?
    Your situation appears to me as that of one who is having butter on hand and still searching for ghee.

    You have yourself stated "I have learnt through my experience..." ; then what is the problem to practice what you learnt?
    Probably you want to enjoy both worlds. Try to find an optimum or via media by yourselves, as that will be most suitable and custom made for you.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    What I feel that if some thing bothers you on reading the thread and want to vent your ire or even appreciate it on the face of it, you must do it immediately. I never like the idea of towing others view by appending the response later. Normally members feel that others are hijacking their idea of interpretation and thus our creativity is also lost. Please note that there is nothing wrong to reply immediately if you happen to be online. For me I would be yearning to look out for such threads which needs my attention first if I was on line. Just now I was thinking no threads to respond and this one came for discussion. So for regulars like me all thread are the same.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Venkiteswaran Ji (#572385) and Mohan Ji (#572386) - It pains when the thread on which response is posted impromptu, gets deleted subsequently.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What to do, let we do our work and let the ISC administration do the work of cleansing.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    It had happened to me earlier days in Ask Experts, resources and form threads. We have to learn our own lessons and make a suitable method.
    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Please make a point clear. Do you want to wait to check if the thread gets deleted before responding, or plan to check the responses from other authors so that you can spin off a response of your own by making use of all those responses?
    I do not believe in waiting before you respond to a thread. If the idea contained in the thread excites you, nothing should stop you from responding to the thread whether or not the thread is controversial.

    My point is - if you want to respond, do respond. If not, do not. Why advice others not to post. There is nothing like a cooling off period in the internet and blogging.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    I generally take the Forum as a platform for free and frank discussion. If I think the topic is interesting to me, I respond. I don't bother to wait to see other's responses, nor do I think about the deletion of controversial threads.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Stop, think and proceed may be the alerts mentioned at the traffic signal but that cannot be followed here. If the forum message is interesting append your reply immediately and that would be fitting tribute from your side.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    So, the thread is basically not about the timing of posting a response but a reflection of the author's worry about a thread that subsequently gets deleted after he (or anyone) has posted a response. It happens when one starts giving too much importance to points instead of feeling happy that he could express his mind satisfactorily in response to the 'content and context' of a thread. I suggest the author to follow his mind while responding and stop feeling too much worried about points; that will solve all the problems.

    And for your kind information, no thread is assessed on the basis of a member's gender. Threads that are within the permissible limits will be allowed and those which appear to violate any of our guidelines will be deleted, irrespective of the gender.

    Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad - Miles Kington.

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    I am sorry to point this out but it remains a fact that the author of the thread appears to be a stubborn-minded person from what can be gathered from his posts. It is not that I have any personal grudge against him, but he is indeed too much concerned with earning the points than being a productive contributor. His responses to certain threads with content unrelated to the topic under discussion proves it. The current thread also stems from the fear that he is losing his points if the thread is deleted.
    Live....and Let Live...!

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