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    Which one should be preferred in India- Government Hospital or Private Hospital?

    India has faced a very good development in the medical industry. Both the Government hospitals and the private hospitals are functioning in India. In the recent times, almost 75% of the doctors don't consider their occupation as a service and are highly involved in making money. The entire medical industry is considered as a business and many private hospitals are functioning in the country. Compared to the private hospitals, the Government hospitals are having many latest medical equipment and devices. The Government hospitals are cost effective compared to the private ones but still people in India are giving high preference to the private hospitals. Both the hospitals are having pros and cons. But to get a good treatment which hospital should be preferred in India - Government Hospital or Private Hospital ?
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    The author has inter woven answer to his/her query in the thread itself. It is sheer a game of affordability. There are more poor citizens in India than the those who are well to do. Moreover in rural and semi urban areas generally Government run primary health centers are located nearer to one's place of residence compared to the private hospitals/clinics.
    It also depends on the nature of ailment. A cancer patient has to visit a hospital where such treatments are available, be it a Government hospital or a private hospital.
    There are air ambulance services and five star accommodation in corporate hospitals where mostly the health insurance policy plays its role. The advanced medical equipments are generally purchased at Government hospitals because of availability of funds, but the attitude and technical expertise of the paramedics who operate such systems is not above doubt.
    Most of the premier Government medical healthcare centers like AIIMS or PGI are catering to the VVIP and VIP sectors. The common man generally have no access to their facilities.

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    We cannot say totally that all Government hospitals are bad and all private hospitals are bad. There are good government hospitals in many cities. There are people without going to the government hospitals complaining about the badness but if the people are going to the hospitals and make complaints if they found any discrepancies with evidence, there are possibilities of corrective measures.

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    Generally, poor people prefer government hospitals but rich people prefer private hospitals. The question is why do the rich doesn't prefer government hospitals if they are very easy to afford? Most government hospitals lack quality of treatment. Many times, we can see news that this government hospital contains many rats (happened in the city I live now), that government hospital doesn't have good doctors (most common) etc,. As many doctors are interested in money only, they are preferring private hospitals to government hospitals. It is better to prefer a hospital based on the money we can afford, the problem we are suffering from etc,.

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    Choosing hospital is depends upon the situation and emergency. It also varies as per the financial condition of patients family. Sometime it also depends upon the place also. If a rich person went to a village and anything wrong caused, he will directly run to near hospital at first and then if it's a serious case, then the doctor may refer to any super specialty or advanced clinic. People either rich or poor in small towns prefer to go hospital for any reason. Some people always fond of spending money in private clinics or to their family doctor.
    Some government hospital nowadays are equipped with ultra modern machines and also experts. Some States in India don't give priority to private clinics. So, overall everything depends upon the place, situation and financial condition of patients family.

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    The truth of medical care in India is that majority of government hospitals are in a state of disrepair. Many of the people working their are overburdened and overall accountability is low. As a result the experience of a patient in getting their checkup done or visiting the emergency room in most government hospitals is less than satisfactory. Private hospitals on the other hand often do provide high class facilities but their main focus is minting money. This is especially true for big multispeciality hospitals. Even if one goes with minor ailment, one will be prescribed a dozen tests which may or may not be of use and get a hefty bill at the end. So the situation is that we simply have to choose between the lesser of two evils.

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    Well, at the end of the day, it boils down to your affordability status. Private hospitals may offer you better services, but it is also true that they will suggest multiple tests and such just with the aim of raising the bills.

    The government hospitals are good as in the case of Goa where I live, but you need to have high contacts within the medical fraternity.
    It is beyond doubt that most of the government hospitals in India are not worth it. But, if you cannot afford the hefty bills from the private hospitals, you will just need to visit government clinics alone.

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