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    Result of Brain teasing exercise

    It was a great disappointment to Sun when Sun did not receive any response to his simple brain teasing exercise. After 10 days, and after giving a simple clue, only one member Mr. Dhruv attempted his best to try sun's brain teasing exercise, and he succeeded by scoring 9/10.

    Well done Mr. Dhruv. Congratulations. A gift from Virtual Gift shop will be delivered to you.

    The names of hidden members of ISC is attached herewith.

    Hidden ISCian names
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    My heartiest congratulations to the lone winner of the contest Dhruv. This was an unique contest in the sense that there was only one organizer, one participant and one winner.
    I had attempted to solve the brain teasing quiz , but at eleventh hour chickened out as I could find only 4 answers on my first attempt. I didn't tried subsequently. I had located Gypsy, Venkiteswaran, Partha and ar only.
    However, the author of the contest deserves applaud as he had created a really wonderful quiz.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thanks Sun for the honour. Perhaps, because of the absence of cash awards or official sanction, likely participants didn't find your brain teasing exercise attractive enough. As has been mentioned by Kailash Kumar, your efforts are all the more applaudable.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Very true. Money attracts Many. If there is no cash award, such brain-teasing game will go in vain. Anyway, I will not lose heart but continue to post my fun threads to keep me busy at ISC. .

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Mr. Sun, I really wanted to participate but sadly, I couldn't find anyone. Some days back, you raised a thread in which you gave clues to find names of new and old members (Sun's fun at quiz towards the end of June). I tried it. I checked these both threads every two days to see if you posted answers. I actually thought of sending a message to you requesting the answers. Now, you posted them. My first forum response in ISC is to one of your fun thread only. Unfortunately, it is an year old thread and I am given negative points. Please do not stop posting such fun threads. These days, the only such threads I see in ISC are yours.

    Let us continue learning.

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    I attempted it and found only two - Venkiteswaran and Partha. That is exactly why did not send in my entry.

    It is good to see you striving to make ISC a great place to play such unofficial contests. I would wish to see more such efforts from your end.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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