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    Expecting others to do fast in action but we?

    Many of us expecting others to do the work immediately or soon but we are doing so. In our area there are maintenance work is going on and the corporation people were on the work. But without making them to do their functioning well we, our people intervening by crossing the road by side ways either as pedestrian or moving with cycle/two wheeler without knowing the danger involved to us. To alert us they,the maintenance people are diverting their attention and the same is disturbing them in fulfilling continuous work and thereby the work got delayed. But without understanding this or using alternative route, our people are criticizing the government authorities as they function very slowly. Do we obey others immediately? Can we expect dosa immediately on ordering to a server in hotel? even in tea shop we cannot get a cup of tea immediately. First we have to correct ourselves before commenting on others. As resident we should know the alternative routes and if we find any maintenance work whe should use the alternative streets to avoid further hindrance to them and in that way we are helping them to fast their work with efficiency.
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    Such behavior of people is patently a sign and symptom of their being under uncooperative and because of such an attitude only, we are still in developing stage only. The people always tend to blame and criticize others, particularly the Government authorities. Generally after very long wait, the day comes when the Government authorities start some repair/maintenance work and even then the people start criticizing them. It appears that the people like and enjoy only cursing the Government organizations.
    It is true that generally the contractors take longer period than what normally it takes when any similar work is done privately. But that cannot be changed overnight. Sometimes when bigger work like construction of a flyover or metro rail etc. is started, then it takes years together, but in metro cities people cooperate and show patience knowing that after completion of the project work, it will make their life much easier.
    People are always in hurry and show impatience because due to their own laziness, they start late and remain always in hurry to reach their destination by adopting short cuts.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes, it is very common with us that we never wait for what we needs. Take example of restaurant or hotel, when we order some item we're uncontrolled and get irritated if the waiter do late.
    During standing in queues at train ticket counter, hospital, paying bills in electric office or municipality office, etc also people get irritated and shout whatever that comes to their mind. They don't understand the situation of the officer or the machine at all.
    It also seen in any kind of accident or natural disaster cases, when people are waiting for govt leaders or officials instead of taking any action immediately.
    Its a symptom of laziness and common ailment in most of the people.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    This is the most common scenario with many people now a days. We want our work to be completed faster and don't care about anyone else. I don't know what to call this behavior but it is a bad one for sure. Recently, I saw a bus stuck diagonally on a road (left part). So, it needs to go back (to right part) through the divider cutting. The bus blocked 75% of the road (left part). It took about an hour for the bus to do that. Nobody stopped to clear the route but everybody went through that 25% of the road. I am disgusted with such behavior of the people. Everybody wants to complete their work and their work only. In my opinion, people must assume themselves in the position of the person they are scolding. I do this and it keeps me calm always.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Good advise from the author. By the way the government servants or the workers should not be disturbed while they are discharging their duties and for obstructing or stopping the work, the police can take action also. The other day we were waiting at the level crossing to cross and the gate was closed long back and the train was not at sight. Angered over the delay being the office peak hour, the vehicle owners started yelling at the gate keeper and he simply telephoned the police and they arrived. On seeing the police the yelling persons controlled themselves and police told the public that if the gate keeper was forced to open the gate, then arrests could be made. So that warning was enough to all who kept quiet. The goods train seems to be coming slow due to over loading and gradient and we have to wait for at least 20 minutes to have the clearance of the goods train and the gate opened. There was no other alternate way to go.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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