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    What we should use new technologies in Education System?

    Hello, I am asking you that, today every person is using new technologies in all of the functional areas such today public are using smart phones for information sharing, ATM machine, net banking, online shopping and more. Like this if we use new technologies in our education system, really, we can get the best result. For an example, many types of the mobile apps & software are available in the application market, which is very helpful for the students & parents. As this type app saves time by the teacher & parents. Like they connect each other by mobile app. At this time parents visit school for any task if this is small or big or any inquiry. If they use mobile app, then this task is complete only in the small time.

    If you are agree me give own Ideas!
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    We have already seen ingenious use of technology in cheating in the examinations by many Munna Bhais'. When we have capability to apply technology in cheating, then we can apply our talent in the field of studies also.
    We already have Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET) which is a premiere national institute of educational technology. The institute functions in the areas of use of educational technologies viz. radio,TV, films, satellite communications and cyber media either separately or in combinations.
    There are State Institute of Educational Technology (SIET) also functioning in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.
    Work is already being done in the field of classroom based distance learning using EDUSAT and VSAT. Mobile based learning management systems are under development though mobile based courses will have to be optimized for a smaller screen, lower computing power and slower internet speed.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes, we can use technology in education system for better results. Now a days, many schools/colleges are using projectors etc,. to teach students. As you mentioned, if an app is developed for every school, it definitely reduces effort in parent teacher meetings. If a school/college system is computerized, there will be no need to manual work where it is unnecessary.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Hello Kailash, I am agree you. But my concern is like this, if school uses mobile app for connect between parent teacher & student. Which saves time of the parents, teacher and student. And this save time they can use in the extra class and in make batter result.

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    I do agree with the author that the modern technologies is surely helping in education and for the information of the author I wish to bring to the notice that some schools are streaming the video on class room activities of every child and thus the parents are able to watch their child behavior in the class. What he is doing, is he attentive in class, is he making noise and creating naughty scenes inside the class, is he following the teacher and writing the notes regularly and above all the mother also comes to know whether the child is eating the given lunch box or sharing with some body. All these are now possible thanks to the new technology.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    #572042 - Mobile based learning management systems, educational resource planning – schedule and communication management, gamification of learning, online textbook depositories, exercise and skill development apps, classroom technology to increase engagement through multimedia, classroom based technologies, performance management and tracking systems and homework and assignments tracking systems etc. are some of the areas in which work is underway.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Technology help in education in various ways.An app for students and teachers can connect them easily way. Any problems can solve with in minute if student connect with their teacher. other stuff like projectors, presentation and other use of technology definitely improve our education system.

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    It saves a lot of time. New technologies improves the quality of learning so that Teaching process will be more advanced & interesting. By this applications both teachers & students are benefited.

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