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    How to achieve peace of mind in retrieving important documents at home?

    Nowadays people have to maintain/manage so many important documents. Aadhar card, voters car, PAN card, Credit/Debit cards, bank passbooks/cheque books, educational degrees/certificates, many other membership cards , documents related to various bills etc. are some of the examples. There is a very long list of such important documents.
    Generally we don't require to carry always all the documents, but instead for the purpose of executing certain work, we are required to retrieve, refer and use the related documents.
    Now the secret of peace of mind is to restore the document immediately after returning from the outdoor work to its original place where it was kept so that during the next occasion of its requirement, we can find the same without losing the cool of mind or wasting much time in searching the same fumbling here and there unnecessarily.
    Do you follow this golden rule?
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    I do agree with the author that some important papers and documents are always required for submission and verification by the government and authorities and for that purpose I suggest we must keep one more set of colored copies always in our vehicle so that in any given time it would be useful . We can always keep the original at home. One more way is to scan all the originals and save them in our mail box. We know our mail address and the original copies of such important documents can be retrieved from the e mail and then submitted to the offices and authorities. That would be the best way as we need not worry about misplacing or something else.
    K Mohan
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    The Aadhar cards, Debit cards etc,. are the ones we can't risk losing. We can get them back but, with a slightly long process. So, it is better to follow these to avoid such problems.
    1) Carry a xerox copy of those documents with you always.
    2) Save a copy of those documents in google drive.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Here's my golden rule - If it is important,it belongs to your bag.
    So I keep all important documents in my bag. It's always with me, safe and easily accessible.
    You should to the same thing.

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    Aditya Mohan (#572052) - It may not be possible in all cases to carry all the documents in the bag. Documents related to investments, income tax, property etc. cannot be carried with the individual.
    My point was to restore the document to its original place immediately instead of postponing it to a later time.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Keeping documents in a proper way is a kind habit. My father always maintained this habit in his life, and I too habituated by his influence. He always keep educational documents in separate file, and personal & house related credentials in another. In this method of keeping documents we're very much of acquainted where the requires document or file was kept and can retrieve easily when needed. Its a short kind librarian method of record keeping.
    Naresh Kumar
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