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    Be a different person than others. That attitude will bring more friends to you.

    There are many kinds of people we would like to make friendship. If some one helps us in dire need, surely we wont forget him and be with him as close friend. If some has the talking ability and pass on so much good information, we do not want to loose such friends. If some one is so great that he will postpone his works and attend to our urgency and such friends are always dear to our heart. What I mean to stress here that if you behave differently than others, surely there are many who would like you to be their permanent friends. What is your say on this matter ?
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    Some of the desirable qualities in a friend are as follows -
    1. A friend has to be honest. Though they are not required to share or reveal each and every detail, but at least they are expected to express their frank opinion if anything goes wrong.
    2. A good friend should have similar interests and goals so that they can be supportive to each other.
    3. A friend must be trustworthy. Such friends will never try to snatch job or girlfriend/boyfriend. They will never try to damage the personality of the friend by gossiping or spreading rumors.
    4. Good friends never abandon during bad times. There has to be unstinted loyalty between the friends.
    5. A good friend is always attentive, adaptive, interesting, unique and fun loving.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Humans are of different nature. Millions of people means millions of mentality. K mohan sir I am giving a small example. the same person might be good to you, as you find him/her quiet, friendly, helping nature etc, but he/she is not good at home, as tehir parents , kinds, spouse are not happy with his irritating behavior. Similarity we can not expect every one to be with same nature , heloing or to be good with every one. Yes this is different issue we can change our self to be friendly with other, again that comes on our tolerable power. Which is not easy to maintain every time.

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    Each one is different unless deliberately trying to copy or mimic others. Trying to be consciously different will expose us and make us an object of mockery in front of others.

    Hence it is always better to be oneself as sincerely and honestly. One should be open, polite, decent and friendly to others. Ready to help as possible and as needed. One should have the attitude and openness to correct and amend mistakes and improve. These qualities will make people like us.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    We have to be different but we should never fake the way we are. People will get attracted more if we behave the way we are rather than behaving the way we are not. Also we should not not live just to impress others and attract friends as that will become a never ending process. I agree, we should help friends when they are in need and some will really be very grateful to us when we help them and some others will take advantage of it and forget what we did when their work is done. So we should be good to people but be the way we are.

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    Just being different does not get people to befriend you! It is something about yourself, your personality or character which may get somebody interested in extending the hand of friendship. Those qualities may happen to be something exceptional and not necessary "different".

    Nor is it necessary as stated in #572062 that one should have the same goals & interests to be a good friend. My over two decades friendship with my college friends is not based on having the same goals & interests. They accepted me in their friends circle and I them because we felt some spark of liking for each other & it has got nothing to do with having the same hobbies or moving around in social circles or anything similar. Even today they accept me as I am, a simple girl with my own individuality. They have never put pressure on me to change myself (though a couple of times during college days they were eager to take me to a salon & change my hairstyle just for the fun of it, all in a friendly, teasing way!).

    So let people like you as you are for just being you and not because you are different in some kind of particular way as per their parameters.

    Managing Editor,

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    I do not think friendship needs you to have common interests or goals. If that was the case, we would have found close friends among colleagues. Usually, that is not the case we normally find. Yes, there could be friends among the people who share the common interests, but that spark that feel for each other is not because of the common interest they share.

    For a friendship to click, the wavelength should match. The way they communicate should be on the same wavelength and that is exactly what works.

    A true friend is always supportive, but expecting something from your friend is something unwarranted.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Vandana (#572108) - To make it very simplistic, there are many layers of friendship like in an onion. Facebook has totally redefined the meaning of a 'friend'. The understanding of true meaning of a 'friend' or 'friendship' is perhaps on the verge of getting misunderstood.
    The Facebook kind of friends are virtually like the outermost skin of the onion. To tears are involved in such superficial kind friendship and no common hobbies or interests are also required.
    However, for reaching up to the level of inner core of onion kind of friendship, common denominators help. Such common interests, goals and hobbies render additional strands available for tying more knots in the friendship bond.
    Intimate friends become like a family member, well know even within the family circle addressing friend's 'mama' or 'bua' or 'jija ji' as such only.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I beg to differ, I have a totally different view on making friends. A person who becomes different only to get somebody's company would an Opportunist in my views.

    My definition of friends and friendship is the same as we read in books. A friend is someone who accepts us the whatever way we are. S(he) gives us company, helps us, supports us, shares with us because we matter to him/her.

    So, instead of being different, we should just behave properly, be good to everyone including ourselves and wait for the right friend.

    Whenever possible, we should not hesitate in offering help to others, regardless of them being our friends or not. Everyone is a friend when we behave friendly with them, rather than formal.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    It is really good if we are different from others. I used to be like that.

    I used to drop the bustickets and unwanted papers from my packet or hand only to the nearest dustbin and never on the roads or roadsides.

    I generally use to have a cloth bag with me and use the same whenever I go for shopping, even for small item, I will not ask for the carry bags. Especially when I go to vegetable market, I use only cloth bags.

    I never spit on the roads and I trained my brother's daughter(as I have no child) to spit only on the corner of road if necessary or to avoid totally to spit on the road.

    So, we should be role model to our children at least.

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