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    Which sections of are eligible for Adsense revenue sharing?

    I am having a doubt regarding adsense revenue sharing.

    Can any one tell me in detail which sections are eligible for showing our AdSense ads? I got to know that resource is the place where only the AdSense of author is linked whereas in forum and ask expert section, there is the AdSense of all contributor rotation wise.

    I need to know all sections which are of only individual author and other sections where AdSense is of all contributors.
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    Adsense earning can be through, Resources, Ask Expert Answers, Job Posting, Schools & Colleges, Forum section and any updates in school college section. You can earn more in Articles/Resource section and Job section. As in ISC mostly jobs are being searched by the viewers. Through forum also you can earn good money if your thread is good with maximum replies.
    To get good revenue from Adsense you must use good keywords (good keywords in the sense post trending topics) which are highly searchable in search engines. Forum sharing is completely grouped wise. The points will be divided / shared among the authors of a forum thread. If your points earned in a forum is more, the more share you'll get from the ads. The same is applicable in Ask Experts too.

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    What ever you share in different sections of this site, the adsense earnings are eligible and you also gain to have good chance of winning major share in the site bonus that would be announced every month.
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    All sections are eligible for Adsense earning. The maximum amount can be earned from Resources section followed by Jobs sub-section.
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    Swagatika, you can refer the following forum thread, especially the post #548472, which will clarify most of your doubts.

    Contributions in which ISC sections earn better from AdSense

    Hope it helps.

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    Dear members, kindly clarify my question.
    I want to know which sections or pages shows the adsense of only author.
    I know which sections are allowed for adsense revenue sharing.

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    As such, there is no page which is generating AdSense only for the author, as in all sections the AdSense is shared between the author and the admin.

    As per my knowledge, the pages where other members do not get part of the share are: Articles, jobs, reviews, question papers, photos, Learn English (section now closed) and your own profile page.

    Other members share a piece of the pie as follows:
    1. Forum - between the thread initiator and those who respond in the thread.

    2. Ask Expert - between the one who posts the question and the ones who answer.

    3. Schools, colleges: In case updates are provided for a school or college, the revenue is shared between the person who posted the school/college and the one who gave the update.

    I am not sure of whether members who give updates in the My India section get a share.

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    It is apparent from the response #572095 of ME that the members who post resource response (read articles response) don't share AdSense revenue generated through the particular article, though posting article responses perhaps contributes in increasing clicks and often enriches the contents of the articles.
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    Forums, Ask Experts, Resources, Jobs, etc. are eligible for Adsense Revenue sharing. Jobs section is most searched by visitors in ISC, so if you are posting in Jobs section, then there can be a decent increase in adsense earnings. After Jobs section, articles are searched by users as they appear in Google search results as well.
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