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    RJio Services - Impact on other Telecom Providers

    Does it requires to purchase LYF mobile to use RJio services ?

    With the launch of RJio services in major cities in India, What will be its impact on other Service providers? Also planning to launch post-paid services with huge welcome offers for por-in customers.

    On the other hand, RJio LYF handsets are receiving negative feedbacks on poor support etc on internet.

    Anyone on ISC personally gain experience ? Do share with the forum...
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    Reliance JIO offer is only with LYF mobiles. If you purchase a LYF mobile of Rs. 3100/- you'll get unlimited talk time and 4G internet free for six months. After purchasing also you can't use that SIM in other mobile. However, as the mobile is dual SIM, you can insert another SIM. I've seen the set, which is common in appearance and operating. Due to which there're many negative reviews about the phone.
    Naresh Kumar
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    We all know that Reliance is slowly loosing its GSM and CDMA market and unable to compete with Airtel and other leading brands. By launching LYF mobiles of their own, Reliance wants to capture its lost customers through so called its JIO offer. But those who have shifted their preference to other mobile operators, they wont come back to Reliance. What is more annoying is that I am having the Reliance operator connection and the tower is just one furlong from my home and the mobile set says no service. But I could see the lights on at the top of the tower. It seems Reliance must learn how to give effective service first otherwise remaining customers would also shift through MNP.
    K Mohan
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    I am having a post paid reliance broad band dongle since last about 10 years. Presently it is non-functional as they are switching over from CDMA to GSM technology. They aggressively marketed their 4G services with the actual target of switching over from CDMA to GSM technology. I am awaiting the announcement of lauch of their 4G/GSM services. Since my account was post paid and I used to pay through internet banking, I paid bill of the last month also despite the fact that their services were totally suspended. They have sold me their new hardware also to be at discounted price and have promised that I will be informed through SMS on my registered mobile number just after launch of their 4G services. I don't how 4G service will fare. Will there be any dramatic change/increase in speed etc. , is yet to be seen
    Has the 4G services of Reliance Jio been launched any where in India?

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    Can someone please confirm if we can use free RJio internet from LYF phones to other devices using LYF phone's HotSpot?
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    The joint coming of the two entities in Reliance family created a catastrophe in the stock market some years ago. Many have lost terribly then. It created almost a crash.

    Now the two reliance sides are coming with 4G offers. God knows what will happen.
    Other service providers are aware and they also have started their won strategy. But what can be predicted for sure is: they will all entice the helpless customers with tempting offers. Once accepted the user will be like a fly in the ointment. Cannot get out and escape. He will be fleeced by monopolistic methods.

    Regarding the CDMA to GSM migration, I was compelled to buy a new GSM FWP instrument. The offer was cent per cent cash back by monthly discounts. But I have received the new bill. No discount, but double billing. My email is not even responded.
    The present climate in the country is also favourable for such corporates and the users are helpless and at their mercy. A strong consumer protection system should be developed to India.

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    I don't have personal experience of using this phone. But whatever I know, I am sharing it here. It is sure that you will have to purchase LYF handset for using Reliance Jio service. Also the company has offered to other network subscribers that if they switch to Reliance Jio through MNP, then they will offer unlimited voice, SMS and data for three months. It seems that Reliance is gearing up to retain its position in the telecom sector by regaining its lost subscribers.
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