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    Life is beyond what we live

    Most of us lead a very normal life. We go to job, come back home, finish day to day chores, sleep and continue this routine everyday. When a weekend comes most of the people prefer staying at home and nothing much. But life is not only this, it is more than what we are living. We can do something more and interesting. We can try visiting orphanages or old age homes once in a while. We can help those people as much as we can or we can try providing them food. By doing this, even we will have some peace that we did something good and even orphans or old people will feel happy that there is somebody to care them. We won't lost anything by doing this once in a while but those people will gain so much if we just do it once. When we have got something more, we can give it to someone who don't have it at all. Try this and you will find the real meaning of happiness.
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    As a matter of fact we need not even go to orphanage for doing something for others. Generally people can always find few needy individuals in their extended families, neighborhood or acquaintances. In case the families have employed maids, drivers or such other service providers, then perhaps they are the best persons who deserve something extra if possible.
    Orphanages etc. have become sort of commercial establishment. They go on collecting the donations etc. mechanically and often the full benefit is not passed on to the intended beneficiaries. The management of the orphanages generally evaluate the individual on the basis of his paying capacity. They will not allow just to spend some good time with the inmates without spending anything.
    Often there is a system to pay some lump sum amount in lieu of which they will organize meals, snacks or some extra dish during the inmates regular meals.
    People in the younger generation like newly married couples or couples with younger kids don't find time to indulge themselves in such activities.
    Generally only those people visit orphanages etc. who themselves have some kind of vacuum in their own life.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I think every one must take time and visit orphanages nearby along with the children too. The children must know that how the people are suffering the life without their parents and how the life will be without any one behind them. This would create a sea change in the children mind and they would start behaving nicely with the parents. I have the habit of visiting old age homes and orphanages when ever time permits. But this time I would like to take my children also so that they would know the reality of lives which is not that easy. Children are getting things at the drop of the hat and how the parents toil to get them are totally forgotten and in the last age of life they are just sent to old age homes for obvious reasons.
    K Mohan
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    Yes, there is a lot above than what we live in normal life. Life is not all about eat, sleep, work and all. Except this we can make ourselves busy for a little happiness for family or self by spending time with other activities like helping poors, doing seva in orphanage/old age homes, planting trees, educating poor children or child labors in your extra time, visiting to govt.hospitals for looking after the situation and finding out the problems to patients etc.
    Actually there is a lot do in our life other than doing our job/occupation, family, friends, parties, occasions etc. A habit of doing good for others must learn our next generation so that they will get an opportunity for service.

    Naresh Kumar
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