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    How to use 'Re-Publish' feature of the articles section?

    I intend to re-publish my articles, but don't know as to what to do for the purpose. I have certain queries as follows -
    1. Should the articles be essentially updated prior to re-publication?
    2. After what time the articles can be re-published?
    3. Do the re-publication of articles require any pre-approval or permission from the ISC management?
    4. Do the points and cash credits assigned originally remain the same?
    5. What are the advantages and disadvantages, if any, of re-publishing the articles?
    6. Do re-publishing increases the chances of earning AdSense revenue?
    7. How to re-publish articles which are time specific e.g. related to admission procedure of a course during a particular year mentioning the deadlines of that particular year.
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    Well, re publishing an article would be necessary when you want to update your article with some additional information. There could be a few things that have changed since you published it for the first time. You may have come to know a few additional tibits about the topic you wrote on. In such cases, you can re publish it.

    Please note that as soon as you republish an article, it will be considered to be a new submission. Thus, the original cash credits and points may go down by that particular number. Once the article is reviewed again, they will be restored.

    As far as my knowledge goes, you should need no permission to re publish an article.

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    I will answer all your seven questions as per the experience gained by me.

    1. It is not essential that the articles be updated before being republished. However, it adds value to your article if you update it. An updated or fresh article is received better by search engines.

    2. An article can be republished only after 6 months have elapsed from the date of last republish or updation. Not before that.

    3. Republication of article doesn't require any prior approval or permission from ISC management. But it's better to republish those articles which are attracting traffic or are currently relevant. For this your own judgement is adequate.

    4. Points and cash credits may get enhanced, even if you have not updated any matter in the article. It all depends upon the relevancy of the article and the amount of traffic it is generating.

    5. There aren't any apparent disadvantages. You only gain with republishing. Even without being an editor, you can continue to earn adsense revenue, even after the lapse of 1 year from the date of last updation. All that you need to do is hit the republish button, whenever due.

    6. Republishing does improve your chances of earning adsense revenue. Had it not been there, you will not be earning from your articles after the lapse of 1 year. Republishing also helps your article get a fresh look by search engines. For that reason it's advisable to update the article along with republishing. Fresh content gets better search results.

    7. For time specific articles, you have two options. The first one is to update the information as much as possible and make it relevant. The second option is to request the article to be put into archives and you can write a fresh one on similar lines.

    Hope this answers most of your queries. Editors and other members do correct me, in case I have gone wrong in posting the above information.

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    Vandana, ME -
    The response posted by the author Dhruv (#572114) has been very useful.
    Today only I tried to re-publish my one of old articles after updating the same.
    However perhaps, due to inexperience, it got published , url being as follows (instead of getting re-published) -
    The editors are requested to take care of the same appropriately.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I have to admit that Dhruv has given a very true and helpful response above. However, I still have some more subsidiary doubts in this regard. I have never resorted to Republish any of my articles as I am still not sure how much they are good in the vast technicalities.

    If Republish is generally good, why ISC is not taking up an auto republish system? Not all members are experts in technicalities and may sincerely believe own article as good and will be happy to Republish. If that is so, let this information be known common and public and used by all article authors.

    Once there was a 'purging' of low quality articles. That means there is something to do with quality and relevance. All these really confuse me also. Is it okay if I republish all my existing articles?(I think there may be at least some more members having similar doubts).

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    After experimenting with re-publishing one article, I have developed one more doubt. How the author will come to know as to whether the article got actually re-published or not. I mean whether any alert or message etc. will be received by the author.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    An article can be republished anytime by the member without any need of a ISC admin. However, it should be republished only if there is any modification to be implemented in that article. Also, the article must be at least 6 months old. After republishing the article, it will not affect the Adsense revenue.
    With regards,
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    I thought Re Publish is used only to modify an article, earn Ad Sense revenue for more time etc,. From the above responses, I came to know more about Re Publish feature. Thank you Mr. Kailash Kumar for raising this thread.

    Let us continue learning.

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    A few clarifications:

    1. Republish feature with automated system would not work out, as then even old articles that are no longer relevant or not of good quality would be republished needlessly.

    2. No, do not republish all articles. Use the check traffic feature (the author can see this on log-in). If the article has generated traffic, then it makes sense to republish it.

    3. When you edit an article to update information or correct some wrong details, then you cannot republish it right away. It will first go into new submission mode for editorial review. Then, if approved again, you can republish it.

    4. In the case of admissions article, if it has generated good traffic, you can keep it as it is, with change in academic year in the title, summary and text and update it with the new schedule of dates of opening and closing of admission. Do not blindly just update only this info though - check official site to know if the application procedure has changed too. For example, the college may have decided not to have an entrance test for meritorious candidates or may have put in a rule that the student has to appear for a written test at the college campus and not appear for an online test at a nearby centre in his/her city as is the norm. Make sure therefore that your article is up to date in every respect as per the current scenario. Ideally, though, it would be a good idea to submit a totally fresh admissions article as the old one will have a short shelf life &, though it generated traffic at the time of the previous academic year's admission season, it will subsequently not be of any use to students. Remember: admissions to reputed schools and colleges will always get traffic each year.

    5. You can see the fresh date after republishing, which is the indicator that it got re-published. You will get the usual alert that it has been approved.

    6. Republishing evergreen articles, meaning those which will generate traffic for the long term, is definitely beneficial for you. Let's say you have written an article on the rituals of a particular festival. What you could do is time the republishing about 1-2 months before the festival comes around again.

    7. If the article was posted in the initial years of ISC and you update and improve upon it, you just may get more points and cash credits than what you got earlier. As the site has developed and generated good revenue, authors of good articles would be rewarded with better cash credits than when the site was in its budding stage and there was a tight rein on the budget. Remember: in many old articles you will see the asterix (*) symbol or words put in bold in many sentences, no proper summary, etc. So, if you are updating, you must use the current guidelines, namely not using too many bold tags, putting headings with h2 or h3 tags, using tags & not symbols for points, avoiding salutations at the beginning and end, putting a proper summary, etc.

    Important note: In the message to editor's box, please briefly mention that you have updated the info in the article or just republished it, as the case may be.

    Managing Editor,

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    I appreciate the pains taken by the ME in elucidating many sought after points pertaining to re-publication of an article.
    As a matter of fact, this thread has generated enough material which can be developed into an article.
    I have to thank all concerned.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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