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    Why people are more crazy on taking selfies?

    Photos always bring sweet memories. Lot of cameras are available in the market. But before the introduction of the smart phones, people were not that much crazy toward cameras and photos. People take photos occasionally during festivals, trips and marriage functions. At first the mobile makers have launched the mobile phones with back camera. At that time also, people did not prefer to take more photos. But after the introduction of the smart phones with front camera, the entire world is driving crazy in taking selfies. People are more interested in taking selfies, irrespective of the situation and the place. What is the reason for this craze?
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    Recently I have seen one model of Nokia handset with qwerty keypad in which the on the screen, the right side button itself is described as 'selfie'. It indicates the extent up to which the craze of selfies has penetrated the psyche of the users. Even the handset making companies have started milking the craze.
    However, the main reasons of people's craze toward selfies are as follows -
    1. Herd mentality or aping phenomenon.
    2. Earlier cameras were required to be carried separately demanding extra care and precautions. Prior to advent of digital cameras, many additional hassles were associated with the use of conventional photographic films based cameras. They required extra expenditure in the form of buying a film roll, getting the film developed at a studio etc.
    3. No additional cost is involved in taking a selfie. One can capture his/her image alone even when nobody else is available to give a helping hand.
    4. The facility to share the pic on the spot on Facebook like social sites or emailing the same has further added fuel to the fire.

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    Selfies are now a days becoming a tradition among youths. This craze is becoming more popular among the youths (especially girls) of colleges, schools. While buying smartphones, they make sure that it has front facing cameras for taking selfies. Likewise, companies are also taking benefits of such tradition and launching their phones by naming 'selfie phone' so that customers could attract more and more. Taking selfies is not bad thing, but the person must be aware of his/her surroundings while taking selfies. Many mishappenings had occurred while taking selfies especially on tourist places like near waterfalls, monuments, etc. To get a clear cut view, they stand on the verge of rock or mountain and the incident occurs unfortunately. So, while taking selfies make sure that you are safe.
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    I am dead against the habit of taking selfies with different kind of face gesturing weird ideas and thus send wrong signals to others. Taking normal photo at a spot or at a function would surely testifies our presence and that can be shared or even kept as record. But people are making their faces with different angles and giving worst gestures which some times lead them in trouble. There are people who are updating their social media profile pictures for every hour and thus this craze seems to be growing and wont subsidize. People gone mad.
    K Mohan
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    First of all, I appreciate the threads you are raising. Being a new member, you are doing very good.

    Coming to the point, I personally hate selfies. I too come under youth (I am 19). But, I am never involved in a selfie, not even one. People look like weirdos when taking selfies. Recent studies proved that taking too many selfies leads to wrinkles on face in early age. So, beware.

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    There is no wrong in taking selfie once in a while but that shouldn't become a daily habit. When you meet friends or family after long time and if you want a pic together, you can take selfie. But I see that the selfie trend is very strong that people taking it every now and then while eating, while playing while working. They mostly take it to upload in social media and WhatsApp. Also one should never forget the risk involved while taking selfies in dangerous places. They should avoid it in such places. There are so many accidents associated with selfie.

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    The selfie feature is really nice for photo lovers. Earlier people needed to give their cameras and mobiles to others to take their photos. In that situations they even don't know what facial expressions they have in that photo. After invention of selfie in smartphone and android its better for them to see how they looks in photo and they can take their own image anywhere, anytime without any support.
    Recently, the selfie feature became a trend among everyone. Sometimes people are very crazy about this, and forget everything. Due to which several incidents occur as you might have gone through social networks. As a whole there is bad as well as good aspects of this habit.

    Naresh Kumar
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