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    When your children are obedient and trustworthy, will you tolerate advise from others ?

    Children of this age are not the same when we used to be. We were constantly being chased by the parents on every action we are bound to take and thus we are followed as the shadow by them. But now children wants freedom for every thing and does not want interference from parents, elders or even others. Though your children are good at you, obedient, and even trust worthy, but third persons who come to meet us always take the liberty to advise the children and they get fumed over it. What is your say on this ?
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    Under such circumstances, perhaps it will be best to not to pay any heed to such unsolicited advices offered by the others. Because of generation gap only, the elder visitors feel it as their duty to say something about the family in general. For children they offer some advices only.
    Nowadays in the developed and evolved societies people generally refrain from offering such unsolicited societies. Parents generally don't like negative feedback about their children from third parties, however they close may be.
    It is better to not to say anything negative even about the real nephews/nieces to the real brothers. They may or may not like negative type of feedback though appreciation is always likely to be welcomed and reciprocated also.
    Generally people try to find fault in others. By offering advice to the children, they simply attempt to try to point out the lacunae in their upbringing by parents.
    Because of such reasons only, children generally avoid to sit with them for longer duration.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The parents are the last persons to know how their children behave outside. Some are really obedient and well behaved inside and outside the house. There are other category who behave well inside the house and it changes drastically once they are outside the house. This is due to the influence on them by the peer group. The parents should be vigilant and watch the friends circle of their children. If there are complaints by others regarding the children, the parents have to find the truth instead of taking any action on the children.
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    When a third person advice your children at your house or any parties or somewhere nearby you, then you can say them as don't take serious what they says. Not in front of that person, but personally after the debate. However not in every situation, if something is really worthy for them we must encourage and advice with positive aspects of that matter.
    Naresh Kumar
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