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    How much we know about various types of quotas in Indian Railways?

    ISC is a learning platform. I feel that most of us are not fully aware about the various types of quotas available in Indian Railways for reservation of seats/berths though most of us often travel by trains to different stations for various purposes. The following is a list of various types of available quotas-
    1. GN - General Quota
    2. LD - Ladies Quota
    3. HO - Head quarters/high official Quota
    4. DF - Defence Quota
    5. PH - Parliament house Quota
    6. FT - Foreign Tourist Quota
    7. DP - Duty Pass Quota
    8. CK - Tatkal Quota
    9. PT - Premium Tatkal Quota
    10. SS - Female(above 45 Year)/Senior Citizen/Travelling alone
    11. HP - Physically Handicapped Quota
    12. RE - Railway Employee Staff on Duty for the train
    13. GNRS - General Quota Road Side
    14. OS - Out Station
    15. PQ - Pooled Quota
    16. RC(RAC) - Reservation Against Cancellation
    17. RS - Road Side
    18. YU - Yuva
    19. LB - Lower Berth
    Let us share our knowledge and experiences about various types of quotas.
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    To be frank for the first time I was coming across so many quotas through which the public are eligible to get tickets. But often the passengers who are in dire need of travelling does not get the tickets and are forced to use other transport to rush to the destination. The ticket clerk does not have the time to inform about such quotas nor the railways give the information. At Rail Nilayam in Secundereabad, there is box in which if you put the request for the ticket, it is given under GM quota but that is done with high recommendations. The PRO sitting in his cabin wont allow general public to get access to this quota and often they are rejected. But I found journalists having access to that office are helping their friends to secure ticket for travelling. Railways are not transparent as regards to reservations and quota.
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    I am familiar with many of the quotas mentioned in this post. The passengers get ease with the help of these quotas while booking seats. But whenever they book through PRS, having a huge crowd. The counter person generally don't considers about quotas and reserve the ticket under General Quota. In this way, the passenger is unable to get the confirmed ticket. In other words, he/she is unable to get the benefit provided by Indian Railways to passengers.
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    As a matter of fact, the actual number of berths available for getting confirmed reservation after deducting the all applicable quotas are very less. The berths remaining vacant are perhaps sold/auctioned by the TTE on duty in the train, later. Alternatively there may be a provision of filling all vacant seats by wait listed passengers at the time of preparation of final chart.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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