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    Why many of us are fond of sweets ?

    It has become customary for any festivals, functions and even for birthday celebrations to offer sweets and enjoy the day. Sweets are enjoyed by the children, youth and the elders too. And those who are known diabetic patients are also fond of sweets but they try to steal and eat them without anybodies notice. That prompted me to raise this question. I do agree that sweets are the ultimate taste which satisfies our taste buds and we feel like wishing the person offered the same with whole heart. Is their any other particular reasons to which we give more prominence to sweets ?
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    Yes it is really a nice question. Why sweet, why not other five tastes we prefer first in our life.
    Sweet is a methods to create a happiness and positive temperament in our mind. Due to which in every aspects and situation share sweet to keep ourselves happy and control our angriness and rigidity.
    Most of the vegetables and fruits are sweet. Due to which it became a habit of intake of sweet. The sweetness is present in rice, dal, vegetables that we eat regularly. It became a habit in our daily diet.

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    Thousands of years ago when people used to hunt wild animals for food, there were no sweet dishes except some fruits which too required lot of efforts to get them.
    The top of the human tongue has special sensors called taste buds. When a food is eaten, it comes in contact with the taste buds and a signal is sent to brain. The brain reacts/responds depending upon the kind of food eaten. In case of sweets, a positive signal/response is received from the brain which is felt as pleasure.
    Perhaps the main reason of the brain responding positively is that the sweets contain sugars which provide much needed energy to the body for survival and sustenance.
    Later when agricultural practices evolved, people discovered sugarcane plant and started cultivation of the same. Later they discovered to make jaggery out of sugarcane juice which is perhaps the first version of the sweets.
    Subsequently, people learnt the art of refining jaggery into sugar and by adding other ingredients started making sweets.
    Sweets give pleasure because they provide energy to the human body.

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    Even some time I think when ever there is some occasions, or achievement the friends and relatives asked us for the sweet. Although I do not know the exact reason, but I fond of sweets but I love dry sweets like sandesh and khowa etc.
    In Odisha we have special sweet made from cheese ( cheena poda) which has awesome taste and is famous in most part of our country. As Sweets ( contain sugar) which is full of carbohydrate which gives us instant energy, that might be cause to ask or offer sweets for any occasions and happiness moments.

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