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    Who is wrong- Bribe giver or bribe taker?

    India is fully corrupted and the mindset of the people has changed a lot. Corruption is ruling the entire country. There are many types of people seen in the country. Some officers are highly involved in taking bribe to complete their regular work while others are very strict to their profession and are not involved in taking bribe. On the other hand there are people who voluntarily gives bribe to the officers to complete their work in a faster time. Bribe giving and taking is happening in different forms.

    Corruption is happening in both the public and private sectors and the people are highly indulged in giving and taking bribe.

    Who is wrong- the one who gives bribe or the one who takes bribe?
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    Both the bribe giver and bribe taker are wrong and both can be imprisoned for asking and giving bribe. Like in terrorism if any one supports the terror or the terror moves initiated by the person or group, the law can punish those abetting the terrorism. Same way when the Nation is fighting to get rid of bribe and wants to have corruption free government, there cannot be overlooking on the matter of those person who are responsible and stand abetting the bribing. The Anti -Corruption Bureau sometimes arrest both the bribe taker and bribe giver in government organization as both should get their punishment. Otherwise they wont mend their ways.
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    In India instead of individuals, the whole system is corrupted. Almost all citizens are involved in corrupt practices knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore it may prove very difficult to isolate the 'bribe givers' and 'bribe takers' among themselves. Take the example of the shop keepers. Generally most of them either don't pay taxes at all or manipulate the same. The inspector knows that and becomes a partner of the shop keeper for profit sharing. The shop keepers keep the bulk of the illegally begotten profit with them sharing only a paltry fraction with the inspector. The buyers too become their partner in profit sharing as they get the product at cheaper cost as generally the tax component is to be borne by the buyers only. Here again the shop keepers keep major share of the profit with themselves. Thus the shop keepers is able to exploit the greed of both the buyer and the inspector.
    It happens in all the businesses. The Government officials become a bridge between the politician and the businessmen/contractors. They finance the elections by paying political donations.

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    I think the issue was discussed in detail sometime ago in the same platform. So far as the issue of the thread is concerned, I genuinely feel that both the giver and taker of bride are committing criminal offence liable for punishment. Indian Penal Code has provision of punishing both the bribe-giver and bribe-taker.
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    In my opinion, both the bribe giver and the bribe taker are criminals. In case the bribe giver does it by force, only the bribe taker can be considered a criminal. Anyways, the corruption in our country has grown to an extent that some tasks are not likely to be completed without giving bribes. These days, most of the land registrations etc,. are being done in an illegal way i.e. by involving bribes.

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    Both giving person as well receiving person are culprits in my view. Because both of them are telling because of his extension I am asking and because of his demand I have given. So, both of them are culprits and such mentality having persons only develops the corruption.

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