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    Parents negligence or carelessness leads to danger

    In many houses the parents are not caring their small children by thinking they are elders and in some cases they compromise that they should know themselves to practice in all respects. I saw in a house in an apartment where my brother lives, a couple, shouting and ordering in high voice to their child to brush well, bath quickly etc., as to prepare for school in time. In night I heard their voice loudly to get the home work to be finished by their child. One outing I saw the child is just seven years old girl child.
    I, by their shouting, presume that the child should be high school going boy or girl of them. That short and small but beautiful child with hanging face proceeded to school through the near bus stop. I asked my sister in law, whether the mother of the child working anywhere, but my SIL told that she was only housewife and telling that the child should know all difficulties of parents. (For that , in this age?
    But to my grief, on the next visit to my brother's house I saw the baby with bandage in the hand and on enquiry I have been told that the child got fracture in the hand while boarding into the public transport bus. I then only imagine the scene of boarding into the bus by such a child. Parents! please be with your child till his/her age of 10 at least.
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    The parents that too especially the young parents are very careless now a days. They don't even know to take care of their kids. As you have mentioned, the kids should be taken care till 10-12 years with great care. Because kids will do all sort of mischievous things in the early stages of their life. The young parents are very busy with their own work and they pay only less attention to their children. People are busy putting their eyes into the mobile phones and laptops and they pay only less attention to the kids who are playing around. These kind of actions should be avoided and the parents should take care of their children very carefully inspite of their busy schedules and other works.

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    I do agree that mother imparts all secrecy of life to the child from the tender age but not like shouting and threatening the child. First of all child must also have the interest to learn many things. Some children are fond of giving helping hand to her mother while washing clothes, washing utensils, sweeping the floor and mopping the same. Some children also want to learn cooking at the early age. Nothing wrong in that. Mother should teach every thing to a child, but with love and affection and not by threatening and coercing. The child would also learn fast.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    ALthough you agev an example, but from that we can not predict anything, as there might be some other issue going on there house, for which his/her mother has become rude towards her children. But this is true that children below 18 year should be handled with care, love and affection also with little bit strict ness, because now days due to the popularity fo television and internet now days children ( mostly teenager) getting angry and temper with very small matter and for that they are involving them selves in many criminal offense.
    So always try to be friendly parents so that they can share their issues, also teach them to understand your problems, and this mutual concern will bring good development in your child, as well as release your work tension.

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    In different cultures and societies the manner of parenting or raising children vary. There is no universal system of parenting, though there should be one, composed of the best practices taken from all over the world. There should be at least a certificate course in parenting, may be through online mode, though a classroom type course may prove better as it may involve practicals also.
    Generally couple's method of parenting is based on their own childhood experiences or invented by themselves by trial and error methods. Generally the parents repeat what have experienced during their own upbringing process. They shout on their children, as they know only shouting and no other way. The children who receive proper love, affection , care and attention during their own childhood, behave accordingly with their own children after becoming parents.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Generally, children are prone to break things etc,. in that age. My brother broke many things and got scoldings/punishments too. Maybe this is the reason for the scoldings the girl got from her parents. But, parents must not do that for small things or always. If they do, it leads to a bad impact on the child and the child will do the same when he/she becomes a parent. Even if the parents try to tell their difficulties to their children, they can't understand in that age. I don't know about others but I get moody whenever anybody in the surroundings are shouting, scolding etc,.

    Let us continue learning.

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    #572323,Krishna you are correct,Many times children would broke the articles without any intention as they donot know that such items would got broken but for sound they are doing,I think. However it is the parents,(sorry as many people do love in leading isolated or tiny or simple family, I can say only parents and not family members) should keep the fragile and costly items in the upper portion as non reachable place to the children. I use to pick up all small bit papers from the ground when my brother's daughter was a small child as to avoid picking and swallowing. We,parents should never hesitate, tire ourselves from doing such things in the welfare of the child.
    #572267 Kailash JI, attending classes are not possible to such timid parents/couples as they have no time to do so. These are all just humbug. How many of our elders such as our parents/grand parents took their role effectively with love and where the love in the present parents have gone?

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    Many parents and newly wedded couples don't know how to handle their children. This happens mostly in cases of love marriage and where there are no seniors stays with them. Many lovers who eagered for marriage and used to stay out once they have a kid, the problems starts in their life. This is because they don't know how to carry a baby, manage a family, how to be parents, what is motherhood, fatherhood etc. Such things we learn from our old parents and / or from our parents. The things got easy for everything, both for child and for the couple. Making unnecessary nuisance and arrogance over children will never be fruitful. It will create a lot of mental disturbance in children, that every parents must understand.
    Children are like flowers, must handle carefully.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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