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    Shocking to see such scenes on the road

    Many times we see on roads that ladies (driving two wheelers) are totally covering with their duppatta or other cloths. It is ugly to see as if we are seeing a dead body carrying out from a hospital.

    Similarly, I saw a person boarding in a bus (I was inside the bus, sitting) while starting from the bus stop, just shocked whether the person have come from some hospital bed, then only I realized by seeing him near that he was having his earphone in the ears and holding the center of the headphone by his teeth as he was talking to somebody.

    Another pity, I saw in the Mejastic area of Bangalore, one person holding his laptop bag in his one hand and by waving his another hand shouting to somebody in Kannada. We, passerby people suddenly gone to the other side whether that man was some what 'mad'. Later only I realized that the person was talking over his mobile to somebody through his blue tooth on the ear.

    Is such activities are necessary my friends?
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    Regarding such shocking scenes, while approaching the Ganga Ghat in Kanpur, often individuals are seen carrying dead body of their near and dear one fastened on the carrier of their bicycle, alone for cremation, with no body to accompany him.
    I also remember having read that the India's first rocket developed by ISRO was transported on a bicycle.
    Regarding talking on mobile phones, I have seen several times people talking on their mobile phone held precariously between their shoulders and tilted head while negotiating turnings at the time of driving bikes.
    Many people dressed as Gods and Goddesses are seen at public places roaming during religious congregations.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The author has shared some of the non sense scene on the roads and all that are possible with cell phone mania. The other day I saw one main texting from the bike. He placed the cell phone on the mo-bike fuel tank and doing the multi tasking of driving and texting. Mind it , he is doing on the main road with good traffic. Suddenly if any vehicle come from the lane or opposite lane, surely his concentration would be not there and that results in accidents. The traffic police must book those guys who puts themselves and others in to danger by doing texting on moving.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    The irony with the mobile phone is that the inventor was not aware of its misuse in India otherwise he would not have taken so much pain to invent the same. Fatal accidents have taken place because of indulgence with the mobile and driving simulteneously but nothing can be done to alert the people of indifferent attitudes. We always need strict surveillance so that we follow the discipline of avoiding the cells while driving.

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    Really Mr. Ramachandran Pattabiraman, I don't know why people do such things especially on the road. I saw a man talking to himself and thought that he is mad or something. When he came near to me, I observed that he is using a blue tooth. Incidents of this kind may be a nuisance to pedestrians etc., but they can be tolerated. There is an other kind which is very dangerous. Now a days, people are using mobile phones while driving and this is leading to a lot of accidents. If a person uses mobile while driving and collides with another person, both get hurt even if the other person is not using a mobile. There are rules which say not to use mobiles while driving etc., but nobody is following them. If people stop misusing mobiles like this, it would be better.

    Let us continue learning.

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