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    Operation succesful but patient dead.

    Before 2014 all people were frustrated with UPA Government due to corruption, price hike, etc, for which we feel that we need to change our political leaders , so we choose NDA as our Government
    They win with massive votes, even there is no strong opposition party, so they can work freely with full majority. SO all people who voted NDA thought they are success with their mission. But I personally did not find any successful things for the voter.
    This Government reduce some level of corruption, but did not keep their promise what they ahd said before election. There is no improvement for common man, they started putting more taxes, more price hike, biggest inflation in Indian economical history.
    So we thought we win but the voter loose.
    And this will happen ever, as no Government (political people as well as bureaucrats) wants to remove this corruption.
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    Corruption, like a blood cancer has spread all over our body. It cannot be isolated or separated from the day to day life. Removing blood of corruption will make our body alive, dead.
    However, the present NDA Government has been able to contain corruption up to a large extent as we don't hear about 2G/3G scam or coal scam like corruption any more.
    The issues and concerns of the Government cannot be understood by a common man so easily. Generally we tend to evaluate the performance of the Government from our own selfish point of view. On the other hand, the Government functions from their own point of view, the primary goal being survival in the current term and repeating the feat during the next term also, which requires prioritizing actions in such a manner which garners support and yields votes during next elections also.
    Therefore sufficient funds are to be exhausted on social welfare measures also which encroaches upon the developmental work.

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    In our country, corruption has grown to an extent that some works cannot be completed in a legal way. Also, no government can/will eliminate the corruption. Even if they try, what we see in movies happens i.e. people who doesn't like it will form a group (most probably larger than the supporting group) and destroy the others. But, government can succeed in eliminating a part of corruption. Coming to my state (Andhra Pradesh), the same happened. Most people say that Chandra babu naidu (Chief Minster) promised many but didn't do any. Some people that say he is the best Chief Minister ever for our state. I can't decide which is true. Anyways, majority of the votes to any party are from the people who took money for their vote. If this changes, our country will definitely change. In my opinion, if corruption is eliminated in our country, India will definitely become a developed country.

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