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    Why Modern parents does not understand slow and steady wins the race?

    In our Odia proverbs we said Dhira pani pathara kate ( slow and steady wins the race).
    From my child hood I had heard a story regarding teh running race of a tortoise and rabbit. Where the slow runner Tortoise finally wins the race, also this is just a story and practically this is not possible. But still we should go slow and steady to do a better performance as we get time to plan and manage the things properly. But why now days modern parents forcing their children to run before the time. They send school,college, tutions, extra activities like computer, music, etc. What they want actually? Dont you think they might be good or best in study in academic due to this pressure, but dont you think they miss the real life experience and did not get chance to understand how to live in society?
    Or do you think this speed running is necessary in this generation to stand ahead.
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    The tortoise and rabbit (or hare) story is a moral story or a fable popular all over the world. It ends with the moral that 'slow and steady wins the race'.
    The moral is true also. One has to perform consistently with perseverance and with due sincerity, patience, focus and determination to succeed in the long run.
    It is also true that most of parents behave impatiently and always try to get the results instantaneously, which is never possible. In general the parents tend to behave in such a manner as they wish to give their best to their children out of their natural love and affection.
    In most of the cases, the parents wish to achieve through their children what they could not during their own childhood. The children become their second and last chance.
    Unfortunately such an approach sometimes proves counter productive also.
    The moral that the 'slow and steady wins the race' holds good now also and will remain so always.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Let us be realistic - being slow and steady seldom helps anyone win a race. A race is a competition, where you place all your abilities to the test. You have to outsmart everyone else in the competition with your skill and speed and whatever else it takes.

    The tortoise did not win the race because he was slow and steady, that is a wrong lesson to take from the fable. It was the hare who lost the race because of his over-confidence and relaxed attitude.

    "Time and tide wait for none" is a saying that I believe in. Parents today are under tremendous pressure, because of the competitive world they send out their children into. Academics alone might not get the kids anywhere. Please know that employers look for more than academic grades in a candidates CV. This is where all the extra-curricular activities come in play. Today's parents are providing the best possible opportunities to their kids. They want to prepare them for the real world – a world that judges. It is a rat race, and parents who want their kids to succeed become a part of it, quite unwittingly.

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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    The slow and steady wins the race was coined and written in that era in which people were honest, hard working and yet wont had the guts to over take others performance through cheating and illegal methods. But now this is competition era. Here every minute counts. The modern child is very fast. We can see the children of one or two years speaking sense and giving challenging situations and posing hard questions to the parents. What this indicates that children are ready for new challenges and the parents ought to give them the right priority and inputs. If the parents fail to understand the need of the hour, then the child looses the chance to be in performers ring.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I partially agree with the author that sending children to school and then to tuition is not good as it becomes a stress for children. But, there are some children who won't study at home (its because of their age). There is nothing wrong if parents send such children to tuition. Anyways, slow and steady are not likely to win the race these days.

    Let us continue learning.

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