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    Implementation of newspaper reading in schools.

    Reading newspaper and books is a good habit. The updated knowledge comes from reading newspaper daily. Reading the newspaper must be made compulsory in schools. The knowledge so gained will be very useful for students who take part in school competitions and even for their career. So, we have to implement reading of newspapers daily in the schools. Share your opinion in this regard.
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    Reading reputed news papers do help in learning many things. Generally reading English news papers is encouraged as it helps in improving knowledge of English language. Vocabulary as well as grammar can be learnt by reading news papers reputed for maintaining quality of language.
    However the main advantage of reading news papers is to keep oneself abreast with the current affairs and latest developments.
    However, nowadays situation has got changed after advent of internet and smart phones. Now news is flashed at lightening speed and becomes viral in no time. Similarly people are becoming habitual of reading e-news papers on their smart phones.
    As a matter of fact everything is getting digitized and in the process the quality of language is getting deteriorated. Texting language has got developed which is totally bereft of the grammar rules.
    Such electronic or digital systems cannot take place of reading the printed news papers.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is a practice in most of the schools in Kerala. News paper agents take initiative to contribute three or more copies of their news paper every day with the help of some well wishers or industrial people. So one or other news paper reach the school daily. In the morning Assembly of students in the school one of the students read the main headings of the news paper. This is a common practice in schools here.
    The news paper will be kept in the school library, so that students can read them when they are free.

    In certain schools the cuttings of important news are displayed on student notice board. In some schools students are encouraged to submit collections of paper cuttings with good news/ pictures, pasted in a note book.

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    Good suggestion from the author. It is imperative for the students to know what is happening in and around world and for that news papers are best information media. There are some schools which makes the students aware of important event that occurred the previous day by headlines reading on the stage. Instead students must be asked to read the news papers so that they can learn new words, hard words, vocabulary and above all keep posted about latest things happening in the globe. Just bookish knowledge wont suffice, the students must know what is happening in the country. Books taught at the schools are revealing about the past and the things that have gone by. But not imparting any thing happening now. News Papers are the best bet to improve the knowledge of the students in right perspective. Moreover in interviews for jobs, current affairs are also asked and for that reason students must refer news papers daily.
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    All academic institutions that I was a part of, as a student and as a teacher had newspapers in the library, staff room and in the reception area. I do not recall ever picking up a newspaper while I was a student, but have glanced through headlines on other occasions.

    Reading of national and world headlines were part of the assembly, each morning, in all the institutions. However, that does not mean that any of us paid attention to what was happening around the world.

    Newspaper reading is definitely a good habit, as it keeps you abreast with the world. Though, I do not think it is necessary to be made compulsory at the school level. It is the duty of the parents to instill this habit in their kids.

    As a kid, the only thing that interested me in the newspaper was the comic strips – Phantom, Sad Sack etc. My father was in the habit of initiating discussions of happenings around the world when we sat down for dinner. This kept my brother and me well-informed.

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    Newspaper reading is very essential. It updates our knowledge. Some people read news papers only for movie news etc., which is not good. I don't have the habit of reading news papers until last year. But now, I try to read the editorial section of the news paper 'The Hindu' which helps me to improve my knowledge on current affairs and also my English. So, if news paper reading is implemented in schools, it would be very helpful for students' future.

    Let us continue learning.

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    It is very good to read news papers and should be implemented in every schools. When I was in school, I remember reading news paper headlines in assembly during morning. Everyday one person had to read the headlines of the news. But not all the students were attentive while the headlines were read. So students should indulge in reading newspaper so that they can improve their knowledge and stay updated with current affairs and improve their language as well.

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    There was much emphasis of reading news - paper loudly after the morning prayer in my schools. In the notice- board, names of the news - readers for each day were announced in advance and after the session of News- reading was over, the Principal could point any one present in the assembly to repeat the texts as read out by the news readers previously just to check their attentiveness of the students. It was his guidance which yielded results and all of us followed the practice of News - paper reading. In that way, there were substantial improvements in our familiarity with English - language.

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    Students may not have time to read newspapers while at school. It is possible to hear only the most important headings during the school assembly in the morning, or through a broadcast for about five minutes prior to the commencement of the sessions.

    The best are the parents who must instill and cultivate the practice of their children reading newspapers at home. This can be held on the dining table before dinner or after dinner. Children can be asked ,"What are the important news for today?" This would also help to improve the English writing as well as English speaking skill of the children.

    During my childhood, I used to go to a nearby cycle shop to read the newspaper. However, the main attraction to read the newspaper was the continuing picture story that appears regularly in the newspaper. It was 'KANNITHEEVU' in which Sindubad is a hero. The many decades old story still continues in the newspaper 'THINA THANTHI' a Tamil daily.

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    Yes, it is a good habit and should be made mandatory on daily basis by parents alone. It is not practicable in schools to implement it compulsorily as it is not viable for the teachers to insist each and every student as they have to handle hundred students daily. Reading news paper would help in to improve our vocabulary and grammar apart from getting acquainted with current affairs and General knowledge.

    This thread takes me back to my school days. I was following the AIR News Readers Surjit Sen, Manohar Kaul and Vijay Daniel and used to imitate them by reading Indian Express or The Hindu daily. Whatever it may be, it helped me a lot in the later years in facing the competitive examinations.


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    It is not a new even in Tamilnadu, madam! In our school ,Madura College High School at Madurai, (during the year 1967-72)we were given practice of reading newspapers and taking headlines of importance and the same is to be written in the black board kept at the entrance of the school for reading by other students. The turn was given by class and section everyday. By that way only many of us known about the newspapers.

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