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    Abstain from dinner, the next day would be light and fit body.

    Our body is also working like a machine and every working machine needs regular maintenance and overhauling. In fact machines are stopped for one day during Dassera and even honored with puja but our body never gets the break for maintenance. The best way to keep it fit and light is to have some break in eating habits. Abstaining the dinner is the best way to give the body more time to tone itself and give the better out put. Surely the next day would be light and fit body and we feel like floating in the air. Just try once. I am not advocating fasting here. Just once in a while abstain from dinner and see the difference.
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    The body gets ample time to recuperate at night when we are asleep. It goes into major repair work, tweaking and setting right all that has gone wrong with it during the day. All organs in the human body have a function to do and these functions are carried out involuntarily. While we might choose to skip a meal, in the hope of giving the digestive system some rest. The fact is that the digestive system begins preparing itself (for the next step) just at the smell of food.

    The last meal of the day should ideally be taken by 20:00 hours, so a major part of the digestion process is completed before we go to bed.

    People with medical complications are required to eat every few hours and skipping a meal might not be the best thing for them to do.

    Eat healthy and balanced meals, eat smaller portions, stay hydrated and chew your food properly. Doing so can also make a difference to how you feel the next day.

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    I think the author is talking about intermittent voluntary fasting instead of the usual religious kind of fasting observed by many people on 'Ekadasi, Pradosha, or Purnima'. Then there are the fasting observed on ' Maha Shivaratri, Navratri , Karwa Chauth' etc. Many people observe weekly fasting on certain specified days like Tuesday, Friday or Thursday etc.
    I also remember that during the Indo-Pak war, then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shashtri had given a call to the people to observe weekly fast for saving resources.
    Then there are protest fasting of political kind when the activist resort to fasting for attracting attention toward their cause. Many Indian freedom fighters had sacrificed their life in prisons during the period of British rule by refusing to take food.
    Regarding the intermittent voluntary fasting mentioned by the author, many health benefits are associated with the same . It helps by increasing metabolic rate and containing different risk factors llike blood pressure, total and LDL cholesterol, blood triglycerides, inflammatory markers and blood sugar levels.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Not a good suggestion or advice from the author. It is like asking us to stop our heart beat for a while to give rest to the lungs and blood vessels. It is like asking the earth to stop its rotation for a while. The human body is meant to work 24 x 7. Whether we eat or don't eat, the system will still continue to work without any rest. What is important is - Instead of dumping the food in one go, take the meals in small quantity with sufficient liquid. More than any other meal, our body enjoys the dinner during night, without any much disturbance, while we sleep silently. The system works perfectly .

    My sincere advice is - Never skip your Dinner at any cost.

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    Skipping dinner may not help people with health problems but it helps others in the following ways.
    1) It results in weight loss.
    2) It increases longevity i.e. life time. This is proved by researchers.
    3) It improves your hunger i.e. you can feel the true hunger only.
    4) It speeds up your body metabolism.
    5) It improves your brain function.
    6) It improves your immune system.
    7) It improves insulin sensitivity.
    8) It improves your eating patterns i.e. prevents you from getting any king of eating disorders.
    So, it is not bad to try what Mr. Mohan said. But, this should be done once in a week etc., but not always.

    Let us continue learning.

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    It is always better to have a light dinner with more water at night. This will help to maintain our health. Skipping a whole meal is not advisable as the system will starve and would abuse the individual. " Poor guy, Can't he spare something for us to have a peaceful night.' The next morning ,the system would have lost its original strength and must be tired of not getting a feed during the night.

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    Mohan sir, you might have known that in our earlier books we have read as eat breakfast as King, lunch as prince and dinner as a pauper'. But as you have mentioned leaving dinner either abstaining or with minimum quantity was indirectly given in our earlier religious books in the name of 'vratha'.

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    Some of the best eating habits are here:
    1. Eat light in night and break your fast in morning with heavy meals and take average meal at afternoon.
    2. Take breakfast within a hours after wake up.
    3. Your diet should be like this: 30% protein + 20% vitamins and mineral + 30% carbohydrates + 10% fat + 10% water.
    4. Always take water 30 minutes before and after meals; not with meals.
    5. For weight loss program don't eat mutton, prawn, curd, ghee, paneer, grapes, mangoes, sapota, banana like heavy fat contained items.
    6. Eat water as a ratio of 20:weight (in litres). Suppose your weight is 80 kg, you must take 4 litre of water daily.
    7. Drink more water in day. Less in night. Our body requires more energy in day and less in night.
    8. Drink 2 litres of water before lunch and 2 litre after lunch and can be more.

    Naresh Kumar
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    I am not asking to abstain from dinner regularly. Once in a week or twice a week when the previous week was hectic with party activities and too much dinner was taken.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    There is no necessity for skipping food at night(diner). The preferable way is to take dinner lighter than lunch or breakfast. That is, dinner need not be the principal food of the day.
    The traditional culture is to ensure that no one sleeps empty stomach. There was a common practice of "Raa pichchai" a Tamil word meaning night time begging. It was a traditional belief not to deny a night time beggar of food. Households used to close the front door only after asking loudly 'is there any one who does not have food' and only if there is no one needing food, he closes the door and goes to sleep.

    That clearly shows that dinner should not be skipped. However to have sound sleep and there is no physical activity at night, dinner should be light and just sufficient to satisfy hunger, and with less spice and oil.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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