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    Terror strikes across the globe giving anxious moments to public

    For the last 20 days, terror has been in the news at various places of the world. One kind of terror used the truck load of ammunition and run amok the public. In the latest terror at the Munich a 18 years old German Italian has shot dead 10 people and so many injured at a famous restaurant and and this once again bring fear factor among the public not to venture out , or be in the crowd for shopping. The life has become more insecure as the terrorists are finding new way to create terror and intelligence agencies are failing to cope up.
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    Mr. Mohan has raised a very important issue. Islamic terrorism all over the world has become a threat to humanity. Even yesterday, there was an attack in a cafe in Germany. It is virtually impossible to protect people from 'lone wolf'. So, choking off the funds and weapon supply to the terrorists must be emphasised. Moreover, terror modules and terror cells must be busted. The so-called liberals and human rights activists who indirectly support and promote the terrorists, must be resisted by the Government and common people.
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    In the month of July, 2016 itself, there were following major terrorist attacks the world over -
    1. At Dhaka, Bangladesh, during shooting/hostage taking attack in a restaurant, at least 25 people were killed and 50 injured.
    2. During suicide bombing/attack at Mogadishu, Somalia at least 10 persons were killed.
    3. Unfortunate vehicular attack/shooting at Nice, France had resulted in death of more than 84 people.
    4. Shooting at Olympia Shopping Center in Munich has resulted in death of more than 9 persons.
    In addition to above many other terrorists attacks were reported in Iran, Iraq, Syria , Yemen, Turkey and US etc.

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    These terror activities are really scaring people to go out in public and crowd places. First the Dhaka attack, next in France and then now in Germany. Everytime they find some new ways to indulge in terror activities. They shoot out with no fear, they ride vehicle on people they way they want. People should be very careful when they are out as no ine knows when an from where the terrorists come añd start killing people.

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