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    How to check traffic on an article?

    Recently while discussing the re-publishing of articles, the ME had advised that prior to republishing any article, its traffic should be checked and only those articles should be re-published which had attracted some traffic during the past year/period.
    However, I don't know as to how to check traffic on the published articles. On opening the old articles, no such button appears which can enable the author to check the traffic.
    Please provided me step by step guidance in this regard.
    Also, is it possible to check traffic on other posted contents like ask expert answers or forum threads/responses etc.?
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    Sir, You login your account and open the article you want to get it republished. There you will find the 'Check traffic' tab and you can verify it. I think you can check your own article only and not others on getting logged in ISC .

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    Jagdish - Thank you for your prompt response. I just opened my following article -
    Below title of the article only following buttons are appearing -

    'Posted Date: 29 Aug 2015 |Updated: 29-Aug-2015 |Category: Scholarships |Author: Kailash Kumar |Member Level: Diamond |Points: 50 (Rs 45) |Add to Favorites| | |Re Publish |Related Keywords |'

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    Kailash sir,
    Go to Ask Experts section and open any question you previously posted in that section. There you will find "Check Traffic" tab. Click that and select "Resources" from list of items and then give the reference number of an article for which you want to see the traffic. You can do similarly for other sections like Ask Experts, Forum, etc.

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    The 'check traffic' tab might be available only to members who have access to the edit article feature. The 'check traffic' feature is not available to common members.

    Kailash you can register at StatCounter to check the traffic. You can go to your 'dashboard' and configure stat counter.

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    Juana ma'am, I am not able to see "Check Traffic" tab in Articles section but I do check my traffic in the manner mentioned in my previous response.

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    Bhuvaneswara - I just opened my following answer posted in the ask expert section -
    Again, no such button is appearing anywhere to check the traffic.

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    Kailash sir, you have to open a question posted by you and not by others. That is what I have mentioned in my previous response.

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    Then you do one thing. Try to check by using this url:
    Just post the resource ID in the check box. Still not working, we can bring it to the notice of WM.


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    Now I opened this question posted by me -
    Check traffic button is appearing. It is working fine. I checked traffic on one of my articles also. Thank you.

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    Kailash sir, you have to open questions posted by you and not the questions, where you have given a response. In both the URLs mentioned by you, the questions are asked by other authors and not you.

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    Thank you Bhuvaneswara. I got it.
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    The 'Çheck Traffic' tab which is there with every article, does give you a inkling of the traffic, your article is generating. But it doesn't give much details about the traffic and is not very user friendly. I for one, prefer to use the StatCounter tool, which is very much user friendly and gives even the minute details of the traffic, like place of origin, time, keyword, platform used, search engine, etc. The details are given on a day to day basis or whichever way you like. Every article or ask expert question raised by you, if they are generating traffic, are all listed one by one. It gives you a very clear picture of the resources that are being visited. You even get the country profile of the visitors.

    Whether ask expert answers and forum responses can be tracked or not, I am not very sure. But the ask expert questions are getting tracked and probably the forum threads too will get tracked if they are generating traffic.

    There are other ways to track your traffic, StatCounter is one of them. It's a very helpful tool. Through this tool only, I realized that one of my old article was getting good page views and I got it republished. Do register now, in case you haven't done yet. In the dashboard itself there's a tab to configure the StatCounter. There are however, some limitations with StatCounter. The earnings cannot be monitored, perhaps. For monitoring the earnings (even though meagre), I use the AdSense site. In the AdSense site individual articles can be monitored for the revenue they are generating.

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    Dhruv - I am using StatCounter tool. They send a weekly mail during the midnight of Sunday/Monday and I often login next morning to see the data. But generally articles are not covered much in their statistics. Generally ask expert content appears more, that too only certain very specialized types of answers etc.
    Do you get sufficient data about traffic on your articles etc.?

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    I agree, the free version has its limitations. Only 500 page loads at a time. Also, it gives detailed analysis for the last 4 days of activity only. If your articles are getting page views, they will definitely be reflected in the StatCounter tool. It seems your ask expert questions are getting better page view than your resources. Anyway, monitor on a daily basis, especially, late in the evening. As far as I am concerned, I am getting a fairly detailed analysis of my resources.
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