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    Can I know the reason behind deletion of my thread?

    Respected forum editors,
    I raised the thread 'Do you know the sequels to the Tortoise and the Rabbit story?' an hour back. Now, I find that it is deleted. I didn't copy - paste it from anywhere. I wrote what I heard a long time ago. I just want to know why it is deleted. Please mention the forum policy I violated so that I won't repeat the same mistake again.
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    I had posted a response also on the thread mentioned by the author. Therefore I am also interested in knowing the reasons so as to not to repeat the mistake again.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I too feel that there was nothing wrong with that thread though I did not respond. It would be better if the concerned editor come up and say as to what went wrong with the tortoise and rabbit thread. Let it be a lesson learned by the ISC members.
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    Krishna Teja,

    Action taken by the Editor is quite right as your thread violated the posting guidelines. I have just checked your deleted thread and many lines or similar content of the thread do appear in other sources like, etc. I think you got the point.


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    #572354 (Mr. Jagdish Patro) : First of all, I didn't even know the web sites you mentioned. I am not boasting myself here. I remember 1 forum response for which I am given -4 points, 2 forum responses for which I am given 0 points, 1 deleted expert answer, 8 deleted question papers and I still feel very bad for posting those. This shows how careful I will be when I post something. The story may be present in many web sites but what I wrote is not. Are you sure there isn't any other violation other than the one you mentioned behind deletion of my thread?

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    Be cool. We will not respond here unless we make sure of ourselves and we would be more particular when we are responding on behalf of someone whose action is being questioned here.

    Though you may be knowing the story and it may be a mere coincidence that similar lines may have their place in other sources, it is the responsibility of the Editor to check and delete in the interest of the website as per the guidelines provided to him. Don't link other deletions with this episode. You are doing well here and ISC has already recognised your calibre.


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    A tortoise and rabbit story cannot be different and cannot change time to time. A rabbit won't become tortoise or any other animal and also the rabbit. It cannot change and should not be changed. A story can be told in many ways, only with little change in words here and there or sentences. Only the editor concerned (not other supporting editor) should come forward to give his own detailed explanation of the violation of forum posting guidelines.

    No one on this earth can claim copyright of the Tortoise and Rabbit story which is a very standard moral story

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    #572360 : Sorry if I sounded harsh Mr. Jagdish Patro. Its just that, I can't digest the deletion of my thread when I didn't violate any policy as far as I know. And, I mentioned the other deletions to express how bad I feel for posting them even when I don't know the policies.

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    Krishna (#572362) -Calm down. It sometimes happen with all authors including me. Generally speaking it is better to let the editors perform their duties. They generally do their duties in a professional manner.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I think my responses above would suffice the reason for deletion of the thread. No further discussion is entertained and the thread is locked.

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