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    Unknown foreign language ads appearing in our pages. Is that deliberate or by oversight ?

    While submitting forum messages and responses, I do have close track on the ads appearing on our pages. And today I happen to see some ads appearing in unknown foreign language. Surely many like me could not understand the ad but from the images it tries to convey that treatment for dis formed leg fingers and swollen fingers that could be corrected by availing that treatment. It would have been nice on the part of Google to translate that ad and given them in gif format so that original language and its English translation could have been more helpful for the netizens of India.
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    Internet world is like a wild forest. We know only a very insignificant portion of the same.
    The very existence of the websites is based on the ads only. I therefore never mind as to what kind of advertisement are appearing on my page. I don't know / understand most of the other Indian languages also. Therefore it doesn't matter if the language of the ads is a foreign language or any Indian language not known to me.
    Moreover in the net world, there are no geographical boundaries. It is like an open sky where birds of all kinds fly free.
    Most of the ads appearing on ISC pages pertain to educational matters, though sometimes other types of ads including those of lingerie also appear.
    I feel happy and content that the ISC has given me a platform without charging any fee (though internet bills are to be paid by the members only) to express my thoughts and feel satisfied.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The author of the thread has come up with a genuine query which actually is worth discussion. It would be advisable to come up with a proper explanation rather than providing some vague answer so as to make it appear as if you are responding to every thread. Expressing thoughts should not be at the cost of others.

    Having said that, I have never come across any ads in a foreign language so far on ISC. May be it was just a one off case with you. Most of the times the ads that appear are context sensitive. Maybe the particular thread had some relation with the ad concerned.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    I have never noticed any ad in foreign languages. But sometime I see different ads on various dating sites, which, I feel, undesired in educational websites. The administrators of ISC may take note of the fact.
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