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    Why electronic media inducing students for dance competitions ?

    I was watching some program in Zee Tamizh channel and in between I saw a promo which was made with dramatization. A boy scores less mark and the principal was seen advising the parent to take care in future. The boy suddenly outburst with emotion and even take oath that he shall study hard and even try to get the seat she is occupying as principal. And the scene cuts there and the father appreciates the son for acting nicely. The punch dialogue which follows says that " Nadakkara vayadhil nadi" that means at the age of learning walking start acting. And while the student leave the chamber, principal says that " Nalla nadi, mudindhal padi". Emerge as good actor, and if time permits study ? This punch really took me a back. What do you say ?
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    What's wrong in it? In fact some of us have the hidden talents which need a mediator for it to surface. If a boy or a girl has dancing capabilities and the interest in cultivating it further, they should by all means be motivated. If media is taking up this role, then it should not be an issue to be worried about.

    No body is forcing the one who has no talent. If they appear for the audition, it can't be blamed on the media - right ?

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    I am not against the boy wants to be a dancer. I am against the Principal advise who mentions the education at second place.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Since Zee Tamizh channel is a Tamil channel, I don't watch the same (since I don't know Tamil Language) and therefore not able to fully enjoy/comprehend the impact it makes on the audience. Though the author has painstakingly explained the meaning of the dialogues in English language also, but the real effect can be felt on watching the video content only.
    However in all parts of India there are certain talented boys/girls who take more interest in the extracurricular activities than in the academics. Often the parents and teachers comment on such kids in a taunting manner also.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Now a days, most parents want their children to study but not to involve in any extra curricular activities. I remember a scene in a Telugu movie.

    A father admits his son in a school where extra curricular activities are mandatory.
    TEACHER : Monday - Dance OR Elocution
    STUDENT : Dance
    FATHER : Elocution
    TEACHER : Wednesday - Karate OR Science Project
    STUDENT : Karate
    FATHER : Science Project
    TEACHER : Friday - Sports OR Essay Writing
    FATHER : E…
    TEACHER : Essay Writing, I know

    Parents must not be like this. They should encourage their child according to his/her talent. But, what the principal said in the ad you described is not good. In the movie I mentioned, students are encouraged for both studies and extra curricular activities and that is why I still remember it.

    Let us continue learning.

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