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    Amused at men searching for answers on women

    I used to get infuriated reading posts (by men) on women, questioning and advising womankind on their duties and behavior et cetera. I have, of late, begun to feel amused by such posts. If the forum is any indication, then some men, in our society, apparently haven't evolved.

    While women have progressed immensely, many men (I am sorry to reference) continue to seek reactions on what a woman's standing in society and in their own lives should be. They search for answers – wanting to define and understand a woman's role. It is common to see such orientation exhibited in the forum.

    I mentioned being amused because I now identify this entire exercise, as a display of insecurity. I once associated such threads as being posted by people with a false sense of superiority and/or a misogynistic attitude. Now, I know it is lack of confidence in self that makes people seek answers they want to hear. I am of the opinion that raising threads questioning a woman's place in society somehow gives a boost to their sagging spirits.

    A confident man does not confine a woman within set boundaries. He appreciates her and does not let society dictate her place in his life.

    What do you have to say about this?
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    After reading this post I am appending my response in a lighter vein and the author need not read between the lines. What is the use of men disclosing and discussing issues concerning to their genre. It would be always fascinating and encouraging to discuss about opposite sex and by doing so much information can be had. By the way no author in this site have the courage or the guts to degrade the pride of the women. We are all in family called ISC and inside that we are discussing the issues pertaining to men and women. By the way some others may be forthright in criticizing the women and just for them this author should not summarize every men the odd lot.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    The men and women are born associates as well as born rivals also. Though men and women have their well defined roles, relevance, importance and significance in the universe, but still comparisons are made and at least ostentatiously, women are accorded higher respect and reverence in the civilized society across all cultures world wide. I am using words 'at least ostentatiously' by taking very calculative risk of being at receiving end also in case so required.
    Yes, men do have a complex, rather inferiority complex to be more precise, about women.
    Despite having superior physical strength, they often find themselves totally defeated and beaten under most of the circumstances..

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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