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    Jhanvi Behl dares militants! Will hoist Tricolour in Srinagar on Independence Day

    Jhanvi Behal, the teenage school student from Ludhiana who first made news earlier this year after she challenged JNU Students Union President Kanhaiya Kumar for an open debate, has now said that on Independence Day she plans to hoist the Indian flag in Srinagar.

    She has challenged everybody including the separatists to stop her from hoisting the tricolour in Srinagar. Jhanvi further said that it was the place where Indian flag was insulted.

    I salute the courageous young girl for her patriotism. Self-serving political leaders, liberal intelligentsia and media-people must try to follow her example. Such young boys and girls are the future of this great country.
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    Fifteen year old Jhanvi Behal is a class X student of DAV Public School, Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, Ludhiana. Her father Ashwin Behl is a real estate businessman and her mother Nandini Behl is a house wife. She is an active member of her father's NGO Taksha Jyoti Foundation and currently working on a biography of Swami Vivekananda.
    Jhanvi Behal was labelled as a RSS agent when she challenged the JNU Students Union President Kanhaiya Kumar.
    Jhanvi had raised several public issues in the past also e.g. filing a writ in the Punjab and Harayana High Court against adult movies and porn contents on the social networking sites.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    At the age of 15 I really appreciate Jhanvi Behal for taking the courage to announce the hoisting of our Indian National flag at Srinagar during the coming Independence day and Nation should support it. Logically speaking when Jammu and Kashmir is considered as the integral part of India and even the elections were held as per democratic process, then why should not our National flag be hoisted with pride. Politicians cutting across their party lines must support the move of the young girl and see that she be given the honor of hoisting the National flag. Only young minds can take this kind of courage and from my side full support to that girl.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    While I appreciate the spirit and courage of this young lady, I am really not very sure about the outcome. Will it help in infusing patriotism in the separatist Kashmiri minds and will it bring the rest of India closer to Kashmir; I fear the result may be just the opposite.

    Intelligentsia or political leadership cannot take such decisions with the same ease as Jhanvi because they have to be thoughtful and calculative about lot many related issues.

    Anyway, I wish Jhanvi all the best in her attempt!

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