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    This vehicle was gifted by MaD. Sorry read it as Mum and Dad.

    When I was riding my vehicle, I came across a small boy apparently a high school student riding a bike with a rider written on his mud guard that "gifted by MAD". That arose curiosity in me and stopped the vehicle and asked the boy as to what was written on the back. For that he smiled and replied that it is Mummy and Daddy. Then I questioned why he wrote it in short form. He wants others to ponder over and that is why written in that way. But there is a meaning in that. His parents really gone mad to gift the bike at this age as the boy was doing all kinds of nuances with the bike on the road and that is risky to his life.
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    The boy's parents must be blamed for this. We all heard of many accidents which occurred as a result of rash driving by teenagers. Knowing this, the boy's parents shouldn't have given a bike to him. In case the parents are forced by the boy to give him a bike (may happen), the boy must be blamed. I didn't even know how to ride a bike until last year (I'm 18 then). If there is a bike with a teenager, he tries to do mad stunts with it and is most likely to fail and end up in a hospital. So, parents must not provide bikes to their children till a certain age. I support your view on the boy's parents Mr. Mohan.

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    This is a kind of craziness and illiteracy in intelligence people. The same thing might have been noticed by their parents, but how could they keep calm in this matter? I think it's useless for us to advice them and letting understand about that. This is because not all children are cool and calm, most of the children are rude in this matters. Some children suddenly get change after using two / four wheelers; as they don't know the value of money and gift. When they purchase anything from their income then only they'll value the things.
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    The boys parents are simply destroying his future. They have gifted him the two-wheeler when he is below 15. If the boy is caught by the police, his name will remain police records. Not only that, the parents are taking accident risks because at an age of 15, the balance and anticipation power necessary for driving don't fully develop.
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    I remember having read a news item in the past that the Delhi Traffic Police (DTP) is contemplating to launch a drive under which parents who allow their underage kids to drive vehicles will be challaned under section 180 of the Motor Vehicles Act. In such cases, the erring parents may get a penalty of imprisonment of up to three months or fine of Rs. 1,000 or both.
    Generally speaking only the parents are responsible for underage driving. They buy vehicles for their kids and feel proud that their kid can drive a vehicle. Even the school authorities turn a blind eye because when the kids come to school driving a two wheelers, it becomes known to them also.
    The mad rush to attending schools and so many coaching classes is also responsible for that. Many kids want to impress their girlfriends and wish to give them a ride.

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    When there were no motorbikes or scooters, the children were longing for cycles. Hence baby cycles were introduced in the market, and every child possessed a cycle in their childhood. Children used to go to schools in cycles only. Even our government provides free cycles to the students. After all, one is with power and the other is without power. The rules of the road remain same for both cycle and bike riders. No one raised any objection then. Now the time has changed. The number of cycles on the road has been drastically reduced. We hardly see cyclists on the road. Bikes and scooters are abundant in various models. Every student desires to go to school on a bike and also to roam around with their friends. Bikes have replaced the cycles. the MaDs become really mad in controlling their wards. What is important is - The transport authorities should have a check and ensure that underaged, unprivileged children don't ride bikes or scooters. They should book their MADs to bring their children under control. MaDs should be put behind the bars for one or two days for their children to realize their mistake of possessing a motorbike as an underaged and not privileged.
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    K Mohan,

    Was it a bike or a bicycle which the youngster was riding?

    Managing Editor,

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    I have clearly written as bike, and at the back of it , it was mentioned that the same was gifted to him by MaD.
    K Mohan
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    These days, parents are becoming more crazy and allowing their wards with all sorts of gifts. I find these boys are driving high speed sports bikes the cost ranging from 1.2 lakhs and they play various gymnastic feats on the road making the other riders of car/bikes confused. Parents belonging to business class and highly paid employees are responsible for this as many boys belong to this set of society only. If we alert the parents, it is true that they say we should not make them timid and should be allowed freely to drive like that, of course with utmost care. I don't understand what that utmost care driving means!

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