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    India Study Channel status of Ad Sense account is still Pending

    Two weeks back, my Ad Sense account is approved by Google. A day later, I received the message saying 'Your Ad Sense account is fully activated' and I can see live ads. From two weeks, the 'Manage Ad Sense Account' page is showing
    Google Status : APPROVED
    India Study Channel Status : PENDING
    In that page, it is mentioned that it takes some days to change India Study Channel status. As two weeks are already over, I am a bit doubtful. Is it just me or did this happen to every member?
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    Krishna, there is nothing to worry about the pending status in ISC if your AdSense account has otherwise been approved.
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    Congrats for getting the Google Adsense. Now you are going to reap the benefit for every line you type and debate. By the way never bother about ISC approval and that is just a formality. Now concentrate on good articles and be regular to even forum as adsense applies to every section.
    K Mohan
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