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    Unexpressed feelings leads to anger and hatred and this often leads to depression. Do you agree?

    Depression has become quite a normal phenomena in this busy life of today that is full of chaos and hustle-bustle. People are so busy that they don't get time to talk with each other and even barely see each other. This tacit environment has put the seed of depression inside the children in their teens particularly. This tacitness often leads to anger and hatred inside a person which only brings in destructive results.
    Do you think these issues can be rectified with some innovative and creative ideas so that things like medication for depression etc can be avoided?
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    Gita says -
    'dhyayato visayan pumsah
    sangas tesupajayate
    sangat sanjayate kamah
    kamat krodhobhijayate'
    It means that an individual develops attachment of an object of senses while contemplating for the same. From such attachment lust develops and such lust leads to anger.
    Thus we can see the human nature of getting incited and negative emotions like anger or hatred getting developed is not a product of modern hustle and bustle. It was there since beginning.
    Stresses develop because of carvings for more. One has to therefore learn the art or science of remaining happy and content with whatever he/she has.
    Yoga and meditation help in this regard.
    Sometimes excessive obsession gets deteriorated up to the extent of lust, which may lead to violent or criminal behavior also in case not taken care of appropriately.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Lack of communication is indeed one of the causes for the rise in cases of depression. Being active in the social media or being in touch with your near and dear ones through text messages does not appear to be as effective as being in direct communication. When you are speaking to a person directly you find it more easy to express your emotions. Suppressing your feelings due to lack of the feeling of intimacy leads to many mental and physical health problems. In my opinion, the only way out is to find some time for each other and spend some quality time with your family and friends which would surely help in relieving you of any stress.

    #572452, Mr Kailash, I doubt whether you had responded to the message in the thread.

    Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad - Miles Kington.

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    Saji - Thank you for your advice. However I agree with you only partially as the thought attempted to be conveyed by the author is not coherent. It is not made clear as to how 'tacit' environment has put the seed of depression or ' tacitness often leads to anger and hatred'. I simply attempted to put the thoughts on track.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes most of the people go the shell as if they have been neglected by their families and the society and try to keep aloof and alone. By keeping alone and not venting their idea and thoughts, they are suppressing themselves and their caliber. Expressing is the art and it must be done at right place and at aright time. Suppose if a mother has the complaint against the son, she could tell the same while he was in good mood. Like wise if she wants to convey something to her husband, that must be done at the right time. By keeping the issues in the mind and not telling any one, it gives rise to so many other doubts and thus the whole life goes shattered.
    K Mohan
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    Anger is the base for many diseases and as kailash ji told the controlling anger is good effort that too through yoga and dhyaan/meditation. This will automatically made a human to be a sthithapragjan who is still for all the situations as Gita told. If one still in all situations, he could realize the other person's situation and there may not be a misunderstanding or presence of lack of communications and we remove the unexpressed feeling on others as we can realize that the other person would be in some other mood/situation. Once my boss in the office sullen on me for a thing actually not done by me but I just kept quite at that time and later I understood that he got his BP shooted and later he himself told that he forget to take the morning BP tablet and after some minute he realized his position and called me with sorry. So, the thing is to tackled with patience and we should remove the unexpressed feeling on others from ourselves.

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