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    IndiaStudyChannel is turning into a newspaper site - Do you agree?

    It is my observation that ISC is turning more or less a news media than an educational site. Most of the recent posts are the reports copied from the news media in which there is no stuff for discussion. If the same continues, ISC threads will have only invalid information pertaining to day to day happening in India. It is time for members to think on their own and post the message of their own. Threads posted at ISC Forum should have some good stuff to discuss.

    Members, Do you agree or disagree? Let us discuss
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    The editorial team of the ISC has to look into these aspects. Acting as a news reporter of ISC by posting contents taken from the news papers and television news channels requires least efforts in creating contents for raising new threads. However since most of the members generally read news papers and watch news channel at their home, such reporting on ISC forum is not likely to be very useful, though significant developments can be picked from the media news and discussed in the forum section.
    To some extent, the same applies in case of the items picked from Facebook and such other social media. Often on social media unverified rumors become trending/viral. The difference between a social website and ISC like educational website has to be understood. Perhaps the veracity of any news/report should be checked by the member concerned by cross verification from other resources, in case so required, prior to posting on ISC.

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    To make it very clear, I am posting few thread titles copied from news media here.

    Historic! Four female athletes from Saudi Arabia.
    Jhanvi Behl dares.
    Aligarh after Kairana.
    Great News! Judith is coming back.
    Birthday of singer Mukesh.
    Gujarat hospital waives of charges ......girl child.
    Seema Rao - female commando.
    Aiswarya Pradhan - Transgender civil servant.
    Lions roaming in Junagarh
    Where is free W-0Fi - AK
    Hundred snakes killed in Karachi zoo.

    What a great news topics to discuss at ISC! What could be discussed positively/fruitfully/beneficially, my dear ISC?

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    A nation cannot become great if it fails to honour or discuss the positive achievers in life. Similarly, a nation can rectify its fault only by discussing the negative news-items. So, it is a must to discuss various issues which appear in news-sites.
    Do the Members think posting threads like expressing thoughts freely, two-wheeler of MAD MAX, film of a super-hero, etc. are more interesting and worth-discussing?

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    Mr. Partha,
    It may be right to discuss an important character of our nation. But the thread title should not be like a copy paste message. One need to modify the title and summary and post it in such a way that a discussion can be held. It should be a clandestine message. Inside the message, you can bring out the facts.

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    Mr Sun, as author of the thread, you may like to wait for at least two or three responses before coming up with clarifications/ replies. I think that would look nice and comprehensive. In fact, I am waiting for a few more responses to pour in before registering an opinion here.
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    Our site seeks information on India and deliberate it. So I wont find any wrong in discussing issues that were appeared as news. Even the news papers which are on line are giving the options for the readers on the net to give their feed back on the news that appeared and thus it is clear that every thing can be discussed and deliberated and that holds good for ISC too. As long as posting guidelines are not violated, ISC cannot say not to such discussions as many members are comfortable in responding to general issues that were appearing in the news papers. Let the forum be alive with discussions and not discourage those who at least bring feeds for that.
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    There is nothing wrong with picking up the topics from newspapers & TV news to post a thread at ISC as far as the words are not directly copy-pasted. More so, if it is the latest news as it will be searched by the netizens & will attract visitors to ISC. The latest news can be presented in such a way that a discussion can be held on the topic and some value is added to the thread in the process. It will also keep at least some members away form finding faults with ISC's working style (read editorial staff) or from other trivial issues.

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    I don't think none of the news headings mentioned by the author of the thread are worthless for discussion in ISC. Some of them are inspirational news topics while others need attention. There is nothing wrong in discussing the current affairs as appeared in the News papers or from TV scrollings.

    Authors should take care of posting such threads and come out of the monotonous way of approach so that it would be interesting for others to respond or go through the details. In fact, a visitor of the ISC page would get bored of the routine of questions about ISC and its threads of various sections and that should be brought down to the minimum level. It is not out of place to mention that one of my friends who follows ISC occasionally and not a member jovially commented that ISC is a space for retired employees to pass their time and wondered how I could fit in there. Thus opinions on threads differ from man to man and it all depends on how we look at the things.


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    All the topics copied from the news media are not fit for discussion. Every news is interesting. So and so eloped with so and so ... is also an interesting news. We can discuss on the subject eloping. " Is eloping is good or bad - let us discuss." Should ISC an educational portal stoop to that level? Is it not right to nip it in the bud itself?
    What if four girls from Saudi get into RIO Olympics?
    What if Karachi Magician kills 100 snakes in Karachi zoo?
    What if a lion roams in Junagarh?
    What if Judith comes back to India?

    These are the foreign and regional news and there is nothing much to discuss about, except to wonder and say 'Is it?".

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    #572490: How many members are really interested in discussion on relevant topics? Finding faults of others especially that of Editors is more interesting and challenging, isn't it?
    Safe release of Judith D'Souza is immaterial. Lions roaming in the streets of Junagarh is so boring! Are these topics worth any discussion, I doubt.

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    I agree with Gypsy at #572490 that a news item should be presented in such a way that a discussion can be held. With most of us being in the habit of reading news papers or hearing news on radio or TV, I am sure there is no need to share such information in the form of reports. We must bring in some additional inputs/ analysis and create a thread so that members can discuss on the subject.

    While the author is right that merely reproducing news reports will not add any value to the forum section, I do agree with Partha too that latest and important news are worth sharing. The point to be seen and understood is that our threads must not look like reports but should have some material that can generate different views/ opinions and thereby lead to some discussion.

    I think the same is also applicable to the threads that are inspired by messages being shared in the social media.

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    The Judith of North and her kidnapping was never a news to the south. There are many Judith like ladies are being kidnapped, raped and killed daily in our own land which never comes to the light. What happens in the north is not known to the south. There are many wild bears, tigers and wild elephants are roaming in the southern cities which no north Indian knows about it. The lion of Junagarh is never a news to the south or other parts of India. If such things are posted as threads and left for discussion, certainly ISC will turn into a news media.
    News should be a news. To have it for discussion, there should be some substance in it. ISCians should learn the art of converting a news as a good topic for discussion at ISC forum.

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    Partha dear, you hit the nail bang on its head!

    Yes, the 'release of Judith' & 'Lions roaming in the streets of Junagarh' is boring as there are more interesting things to discuss such as the smiley on a member's profile page as a pic, isn't it?

    Maybe the smiley on the member's profile page as a pic is more worthy of attracting visitors to ISC than Judith or Juagarh lions, who knows?

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    Discussing a smiley issue at ISC is to ensure discipline at ISC. Forum is the section where we can raise such issues. Forum is meant for it. All our queries doubts and clarifications can be sought through forum section only.

    Smiley is an important issue that every member would like to have their profile photo replaced with a smiley irrespective of ladies or gents. Now that has been sorted out. A firm answer has been received that smileys are not permitted in ISC profile page.

    What is the result of discussion on Judith and Junagarh Lion?

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    For me the better way to read news is going through the daily newspaper or visiting their website. I come to ISC for unique topic discussion. I don't think news related threads would bring any good traffic because there are already top news websites around the world who are faster than ISC members to bring that news online. There is no creativity in picking a news headline and say let's discuss it on ISC. If there is something new which is is not available anywhere online then it would be better to share it on ISC.

    ISC is not a "chai ki dukaan" (Tea Shop) where a user will pickup the newspaper and read it loudly and ask others to comment about it. There are already many such websites like Facebook where you can read news and comment on the topics. ISC being an educational website should have their own identity. In my opinion these kind of threads are just points scoring tactics because they require least amount of brain and creativity. It is a common thing, when quantity increases quality decreases.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
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    I agree up to some extent with the views expressed by Mr. Sum. We should avoid personal incidents and mere new items. But such news topic should be allowed which requires deep insight and knowledge, which may be useful for readers.


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