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    Who can express his/her thoughts freely?

    We often talk about freedom of speech etc., but practically there may be only a few rare souls who are able to express their thoughts freely.
    Take the example of individuals working in any organization as its employees. They can remain happy only as long as they are toeing the ideologies of their employer. Similarly the political leadership, even at the top level as to be sensitive to the expectations and demands of the electorate and talk accordingly.
    Even the media personnels who are regarded as the fourth column of the democracy, have to follow the charted ideologies and policies set by the owner of the company.
    The individuals, who dare to voice their own beliefs and thoughts are often labelled as rebels and get isolated.
    My observation is that nobody is free to express his/her own thoughts freely.
    What are your observations regarding the subject matter?
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    Very simple. Only a rightful, daring, bold , broadminded and selfless person can express his/her thoughts freely. But in any organization, such a person needs the support for survival. A poor who is rightful, daring, bold, broadminded and selfless cannot survive whereas a well to do person can survive despite any odd that he faces in his life. One has to be reasonably financially wealthy to express their thoughts freely.

    We all work for money. A person who has money becomes the employer. A person who needs money becomes an employee. Money..Money.. Money..... Many need money. .It is money, possession and position that helps us to express our thoughts freely.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Sun - What about relationships? Do money matters more than even the relationships?
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    No one is above the law and his own parameters. If some one goes off the track and against the tide, surely he would be branded as anti people and so on. Likewise expressing views is also an art. There are people who have the knack of taking class at you when you are going wrong and that is done without offending your feelings. That means they won the discussion against you by pitting their choicest thinking process that you were wrong in your expression. By the way when you express sensibly, every one appreciates. But before doing that you must have the guts to be ready to face whole lots of questions for and against.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    You talked about the free thoughts outside the home only. Not at home or within a family. Hence I responded in that way.

    Yes. within a family, the relationship matters a lot. A spouse has liberty to express his/her thoughts freely and frankly. Parents can express their thoughts freely and frankly with their kids, and vice versa. Brothers and sisters can also share their thoughts freely. Also, it depends on the relationship we developed amongst other family members.

    No life without Sun ¤

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