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    Money Brings career or career brings money?

    Previous days, parents sending their child to Government school, students were focusing studies even without having infrastructure, television, internet they were studying only from books and was able to get good jobs and making a successful career. Which helping them to get good success and helping to earn money also.
    But now days the trend has changed, now days parents focusing to send their children to best private school or college and spending huge money, is it mean they are purchasing the career of their children by spending lots of money? So that their children will get best education to suit with today's market requirement.
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    Spending huge money is no guarantee of a successful career of the children. Last year I had raised a thread projecting a similar thought and had compared the payment of high fee by the parents as buying expensive toys for their children.
    There are still students who study in low fee Government schools and still succeed in getting admitted in premier institutions like IITs/IIMs etc. and achieve success in top notch careers also.
    The educational institutions have become shopping malls like establishments and the degrees have become their merchandise on offer. Often such merchants project new degrees also with fancy abbreviations like a new product being introduced for sale.
    The parents who can afford, buy such products for their children.
    However in absence of actual capability, such children remain unemployed and continued to be financed by their worthy /wealthy parents.

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    I think there exists no correlation between investing huge money in private - schools for the upgradation of the careers of the children and the schools where the children of unprivileged class are receiving education. To secure impressive marks in an examination including the competitive one, is an art and one needs sound familiarity of the basics and the chapters are to be read thoroughly and understood. At least the prescribed books NCERT or similar text - books are to be revised and in case of encountering difficulties, a help from the teacher needs to be taken. Needless to say far sightedness is the apt answer to tackle the issues relating to studies.
    The premiur institutions are in the rat - race to extract money from the guillble guardians of the students for the sake of quality education. But by availing such facilities do not offer tangible benifits to the benificiaries ultimately in all the cases. They may lag behind in the final shows.

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    Yes we cannot compare the education of those days with that of this day. Education wise there were lots of changes. Money wise also there was manifold increase. I remember when I studied in government school, my father used to get the education allowance and that means I studied for free. When my children were studying in primary section, I used to pay them 300 per month. That means yearly 3600. But the same school is charging 30,000 per year. Surely the fees have been the great cause of concern for Lkg to PG. The first class student in a International school of Hyderabad is giving fees as 1,30,000. And for my son Engineering I am spending 98,000 ?
    K Mohan
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    Both are there in present days. But the career through money will not get last long but the careers brings money will be useful or not useful but the career will not get lost but sustained.

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