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    Mid day meal ? Necessary or induce?

    Why Government providing MID-day meal at school.
    I am not saying to stop this program, but I want to know what is the exact objective of Government?
    Is it to provide students a nutrition food during lunch hour or just induce them to come to school?
    Is it is for nutritional purpose then how could it be possible with very small investment like RS 5 ( as I heard from many school ), or if it is to induce students to come to school, then do you think just for sake of a lunch a student ( who has either not interest in study or financial problem) will come to school.
    Kindly me share some positive impact of mid-day meal on students and clear the objective of this program.
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    Well mid day meals program was introduced in the schools especially the government run ones to induce more students to the schools and also to keep out the drop outs. In the villages, the government schools are parent centric and if the parent has some work at the field the student wont be coming to the school. So by offering food for education, many parents who are struggling for two square meals to their children find it helpful and send the child so that at least for one time the child may eat good food. But here also spurious and low quality meals are served which is the cause of concern for the government and the parents. But mid day meals have helped many hungry stomachs.
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    I don't think anybody can provide a nutritious meal for such a less price (Rs. 3 for primary level children and Rs. 5 for upper primary level children). In 11th five year plan, Rs. 38,500 crores are allotted for this mid day meal scheme and in the 12th five year plan, Rs. 90,000 crores are allotted. These statistics simply show that the quality is more likely to decrease due to the corruption in our country etc,. And, change the title from 'mid day male' to 'mid day meal'.

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    The heading of the thread 'Mid day male ? Necessary or induce?' is not well understood. The Editor(s) presently present online may be kind enough to suitably edit the heading and subject-matter of the thread.
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    #572472 : Mr. Partha, its 'Mid day meal? Necessary or Induce?' There is a need to edit the title but not the thread.

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    I was utterly confused with the title 'Mid-day male? Necessary or induce.

    The chief aim was to see every Indian as a literate citizen. There were many poor who could not afford a day's square meal. They started employing their children to earn their daily bread. It was at this juncture the illiterate Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Thiru K Kamaraj thought of this mid-day meal scheme to ensure that the poor children get their due education by providing mid- day meal to them. Tamilnadu is the first state to start this mid-day meal programme. It was NECESSARY by INDUCING the children to come to school.

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    By the way the Mid day meal in Telangana is provided free for the school children at for the general public who are poor the government is providing meals at 5 per plate at some prominent places in twin cities.
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    On my own I am changing the heading of the thread "Mid-day meal-Necessity or inducement" before replying.
    I was associated with mid-day meal scheme during the initial period in my official capacity. The Government has been taking an Education Cess from the I. Tax payers mainly for this purpose. The primary aim of the scheme has been to make all children of the country to have at least primary education till Vth standard and to provide them proper nutritional food. There are various secondary aims of the scheme like to ensure minimising child labour and also providing employment to some unemployed rural people as cooks and helpers. The scheme started in 2004. This scheme is totally subsidised. So the question of providing meal at Re. 1/- does not arise.

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    In chennai there are small buses running in many parts of the city. Small bus means Mini buses half the size of normal bus. This bus is going to the areas where big /normal bus cannot go. I happened to travel in such a bus one day. When it run over a street of small area due to traffic the bus was halting for a minute, that time, a man in a motor cycle, by the side of the bus was commenting why such buses are in that route as it created heavy traffic congestion. According to him it is correct as he possess motor cycle for his travel but what about the people depending on such public transports?
    Similarly the mid day meals as the same is not meant for the high class students only in the Government Schools where there are many people could not afford for meals. Moreover this mid day meals system was introduced in Tamilnadu by then Chief Minister K.Kamaraj and was continued by Mr.M.G.Ramachandran, succeeding Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. Now is continued by our present Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. This does not mean that everybody is poor and not afford for mid day meals. We can see many factories running canteens and providing meals, cofee/tea for its employees at free of cost or subsidised rate. It does not mean that they are treating them as beggers or lazy but for their welfare measure they are offering like this. Similar welfare measure only this mid day meals.

    Above all in Tamilnadu, the government is providing subsidised rate food like Idlis, Pongal, Sambar Rice, Curd Rice, Lemon/Curry leaves Rice, chappathis to its public by opening many food outlets and this does not mean that they are making lazies but feeding the needy people.
    You may ask why buses to run by government as many of the people have cars and two wheelers? we may in due course ask to cancel train service as many are flying and using private cars.
    The provision of mid day meals and Government run food outlets are only for the needy people and it is a welfare measure.

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    Isn't that great? By this it's an even situation for everyone. Students get to taste some outside food and their curiosity increases. A collective improvement of physique is also ensured. Because all students now tend to take same diet. So no more malnutrition. As you mentioned, the cost of this Mid-day meal program is affordable too. So irrespective of what government's motive is, it's beneficiary to the children.

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    Meals during school time is provided in many countries across the world and it is not specific to India alone. In developed countries, school meals are provided with an objective of providing nutritious meals to children and in the developing countries the same are provided as an incentive to encourage the parents to send their children to schools and also to reduce malnutrition. Growing rates of obesity was also one of the concerns of the developed countries to provide healthier food to the children during school time.
    Midday Meal Scheme in India is the largest of its kind in the world serving about 12 crore children in over 12,65,000 schools across the country. The scheme is covered under the National Food Security Act, 2013. The cost is shared, the center's and state's share being 75 percent and 25 percent respectively.
    The scheme has been able in achieving benefits like improved attendance in schools particularly of children from disadvantaged sections especially girls, Dalits and Adivasis to school.
    In India, 42.5% of children under 5 years of age are underweight. Regarding the cost per head which is Rs. 3.59 for primary level and Rs. 5.38 upper primary level children at present, it can be said that something is always better than nothing.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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