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    Why when we do not like a person even his good deeds are sore to our eyes ?

    We are moving in the life with different people and with their different attitudes and surely not every one understands the other in same way. Normally if a person is harsh towards us or gives more advise on every small matter, we hate him for obvious reasons and even some good deeds done by him for us are also over looked with sore eyes. One thing we should remember that those who like us much only chide us a lot and be after us for every small mistake we do. For that reason we should not discard them as our enemies and keep aloof from them.
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    In the police stations there are files with the photos and details of criminals and when a crime happened in that jurisdiction first they will refer the file with suspect and then only they will think of other source. Likewise, our mind registered some persons as they are not liked by us for somewhat reason,really the reason may be unknown or even without any reason. If such persons doing a good thing for public our mind will not accept to the level of appreciation. Though there is no reason behind it, our mind will not accept that he did correct.

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    Relationships are built and sustained only on robust foundation. Generally when we don't like any person, we develop a negative image about him/her and always find shortcomings/faults in their each and every action. On the other hand, in case we like any individual, then we tend to ignore even mistakes actually committed by them.
    Generally individuals are sometimes very sensitive about certain aspects of their life e.g. no parents wants to receive negative feedback about their children. Therefore it is wiser to not to attempt to correct the other's children. One's knowledge and experience should not be practiced for developing other's children. Advice should be offered only when asked for.
    Generally very social kind of individuals sometimes fake or lie also when talking to others by highlighting only the positive aspects of their children.
    Not only children, nobody wants to listen to anything negative about themselves.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    If a person has a bad opinion on another person, even the good deeds he/she does look bad. Suppose a person gives Rs. 1 to a beggar. Then, the person who has bad opinion on this guy thinks why did he donate only Rs. 1 but not more? If a person really likes us and points every mistake we do, it would be better if he/she does it in a non hurting way. In my case, nobody does that but if they do, I will not see them as my enemies.

    Let us continue learning.

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    First impression is the best impression. If we find good in a person then automatically our mind will accept the person as a good person and will create a love for that person. Even if that particular person do anything wrong, our mind will find it difficult to accept. The same is applicable to a wrong person. Even if the person whom our mind believes as a wrong person does anything good, our mind will not accept. Human minds has a bad habit of overthinking. Our mind will overthink about the good things and the bad things done by that person in a very narrow manner and will automatically come to a conclusion in the negative way.

    Mature and broader way of thinking and deciding is the best solution to handle other person's mind. If our mind thinks in a broader angle then we can clearly differentiate the good and the bad things.

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