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    Why some parents do not like the attachment of their children to other elders in the house

    In olden days there was joint family system and the children of the house are very much attached to the grandparents and father's brothers& their wife etc., similar to their parents. But now a days the families are shortened in many places but in spite of that the attachment to the other elders are liked by the parents in some cases, I do not understand why. In my neighbor's house two brothers are living with their wives and elder has no child and the younger has one boy of 4years old. Both of them living in a single house. The boy is very much attached to the elder brother and his wife and even goes to shopping and other places with them and eating with them etc., But somehow or other the parents of the boy do not like this attachment of the boy towards his brother and his wife. I once asked the elder brother during a casual talk, he told that he never bother about that and seeing the love and affection of the boy only. Moreover by ignoring their such activities they are buying many things to the boy atheyir own. I believe this is happening in many houses like this but puzzling why?
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    Generally childless couples don't get the respect which they deserve in the society. Nowadays it has become very much possible for many childless couples also to have children by use of advanced technology like IVF fertility treatment etc.
    The parents are naturally too much possessive about their own children and therefore they don't like their children to spend much time with other family members, particularly when they are a childless couple.
    It is not a phenomenon of the modern society only. Even in the past many couples used to discourage their children spending too much time with their childless relatives and family members.
    An couple is considered socially complete only when they have children. Similarly unmarried individuals are also not considered socially complete.
    In my opinion, the elder brother of the couple having child, may consider getting themselves medically examined and availing modern medical treatment, if possible.

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    The reason may be the one Mr. Kailash Kumar mentioned above. Almost every parent is possessive of their children. Parents love children to an extent that most of them won't like other people giving an advise etc,. to their children. Sibling relationship is likely to change after marriage.

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    Yes it is due to possessiveness and they do not want children to compare the attitude also and hence they wanted the children to be aloof instead of mingling with other elder persons in the family.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    It is all because of the mentality of the parents. As mentioned by others, possessiveness is also a reason and another reason is the fear of the parents. There are some elders who behave in an immature way regardless of their age. Not all the relatives are same, some will influence negative thoughts into the children's mind and the children's way of behavior and the mind set will change easily on hearing others thoughts. So to avoid such issues many parents are not willing to allow their children to stay close with other elders in the house.

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