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    Are you using Grammarly? What are the the pros and cons of using Grammarly to improve English

    Wondering whether the Grammarly online tool can help you to improve English? Learn from the first hand reviews of actual users whether Grammarly is really beneficial.


    Are you using Grammarly ? It is a very useful tool to improve your English. Grammarly checks our spelling mistakes, checks and advises the right pronouns, right prepositions, articles, tenses punctuation etc. I have downloaded Grammarly on my desk top. It is an excellent tool I found. I am much pleased with its performance.

    Members, If you are using Grammarly, kindly post your views and comments about its use. If you don't have it, please download it and enjoy the fruit of it and post your experience with Grammarly here .
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    I have just downloaded it and have yet to see its performance. However, as usual, the company is advertising its premium versions. The monthly plan is showing @ $29.95 / month and the quarterly plan @ $19.98 / month, billed as one payment of $59.95 per quarter.
    In the present content, I had missed to put a comma after the word 'however', which was pointed out by the 'Grammarly'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I got it downloaded with no payment. There should be free download. Kindly check it out.

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    I have also downloaded the free version only. It is working so far fine suggesting few corrections of minor nature.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I came to know about 'Grammarly' from this thread only. When I visited the site, it needs signing up. That made me retreat. I am using Internet Explorer .
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    When I am watching a movie trailer in YouTube last week, I came to know about Grammarly. It is the ad video played before the original video and I somehow didn't skip it. I didn't install it then but I will now.

    Let us continue learning.

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    On Google Chrome, it is free. However, I have now realized that they will be able to have access to all new contents being typed by the authors. In cases of contents of outstanding quality, they may use the same for their own purposes.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Seems to be a good tool advised by the author. I shall also try to down load and see the performance and report the same here.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I would appreciate if right url is mentioned here so that we can also down load the same. When I tried , the site is not available.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    No URL is required. Just type 'Grammarly' in your browser box. You will land into grammarly URLs

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    There are many grammar, style and spell checker tools available. Some of the popular grammar and spell checker tools are

    1. Grammarly
    2. Ginger software
    3. WhiteSmoke
    3. Stylewriter
    4. CorrectEnglish
    5. SpellCheckPlus pro

    All the tools have their own features. The accuracy level of the language which the tool provides also varies.

    Out of these tools I have used Grammarly and Ginger. I personally prefer Grammarly as it is more accurate and is a good tool to improve English.

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    One of our team has been using the Grammarly tool. I am posting his feedback here as he is busy with other responsibilities:

    If you want to use it offline, then you have to download it. The online use can be done by adding the Grammarly plugin from chrome store to your browser.

    Here is link:

    The free spell checker & grammar checker from Grammarly will automatically notify you the errors when you write something on various channels like FB, Gmail, Linkedin, Twitter and most of the web platforms except few like Google Doc & Google Spreadsheet. Also, it won't work when you are in an Incognito window. There is also a plagiarism checker feature.

    The drawbacks are: (i) It could slow your system; and (ii) It could slow your work as well. It takes time to show you the error corrections.

    Managing Editor,

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    I have come to know about 'Grammarly' from this thread only. Let me check the site.
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    Vandana said it correctly that the system takes a little time to find and show the errors. But it is an acceptable delay to ensure posting of 100 percent perfect English with no grammar or spelling mistake. I am using Grammarly and it has helped me to improve my English, especially the proper prepositions in which I am weak.

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    After using for one day, I have found that sometimes the suggestions offered by the Grammarly are required to be ignored also. The system appears to be smart enough to prompt the users to login, perhaps with a view to trap them to buy premium version.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I have downloaded Grammarly just now & have used it for five minutes. I think it is useless.

    I put the following three sentences in Grammarly :-

    1. None of the are 100% accurate.
    2. None of them are 100% accurate.
    3. None of them is 100% accurate.

    Grammarly couldn't find a mistake in any of the sentences & okayed all the three sentences, whereas I think only one sentence out of the three is correct. So, I don't see any point in using it.

    See the attached screenshot where Grammarly okayed all the three sentences.

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    Refer #572693
    1, None of the are 100% accurate.
    2. None of them are 100% accurate.
    3. None of them is 100% accurate.

    Here in the above 3 sentences, no word is in error. The sentences are perfect. The first sentence is a typo (them as the). Grammarly can't help. 2 & 3 The writer confused with basic grammar ( is and are). The system cannot go very deep into such grammar mistakes to correct each and every grammar mistake of that nature.

    What I would say is - Grammarly is reasonably a good tool.

    Is there any other suitable tool to have the sentences checked and corrected if Grammarly is graded as useless?

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    I gave it another try just now. I removed the verbs from all the three sentences mentioned in my previous response & placed the sentences in the response box of a mail account.

    These were the three verb less sentences which I had placed in Grammarly

    1. None of the 100% accurate.
    2. None of them 100% accurate.
    3. None of them 100% accurate.

    Grammarly says that the sentences are correct. See the attached screenshot where the 'G' of Grammarly is green. Members may copy-paste the three above mentioned sentences in Grammarly & see for themselves. What is the use of the software when it okays a sentence which does not have a verb? Beyond my level of understanding!

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    I am not a prisoner in a Jail who responds to a number in a headcount. I 've got a name. If you want to talk to me then use my name otherwise don't address me any queries.

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    I have been using Grammarly since over four months now. It is a great tool to be able to write correct and grammatical English.

    As far as the comments above which says it is useless, I would say it serves most of my purposes. There is no need to use the premium version, however, premium version offers additional corrections.

    Being a blogger and a regular contributor for different websites, I need to use correct English. Apart from my own contributions, I have take care of proper English with respect to the content provided to some third party clients. If you are a content provider like me, Grammarly is a must tool for you as it will do away with the need for checking the article for proper grammar manually.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Place the following three sentences in Grammarly.

    1. None of the 100% accurate.
    2. None of them 100% accurate.
    3. None of them 100% accurate.

    Check it out & let me know. Take a screenshot of the fault, if the Grammarly can find it out. And if it okays the three verbless sentences, then please do graciously accept that it is useless.

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    I checked it and found your arguments correct. Please let us know whether you are using the free version or the premium version. Free version seems to be not paying attention to the grammar errors of general nature. It only handles the spelling errors.

    However, I have also seen it coming up with some exceptional suggestions about the correct grammatical usage. For a regular content writer who is quite fluent in English, the tool should be good enough.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    I have not been using anything. I downloaded it few minutes back & tested it for sometime (maybe 10-15 mins). I found it to be pretty useless for finding out grammar mistakes. If it can find the spelling mistakes only, then the Google spell checker does the job efficiently for me.

    I think that no amount of artificial intelligence (read it as software) can replace the actual intelligence of a human being! The likes of Gary Kasparov have beaten the super computer in a chess game more than once. QED.

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    Ref # 572697. Referring a response number to respond in general is the ideal thing at ISC when the response is to draw the attention of all concerned members.

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    Grammarly doesn't treat us like nursery/LKG/UKG students to teach English. Grammarly expects us to write good English with acceptable grammar. Certainly, it checks the spelling mistakes. It helps us to use proper articles, prepositions and punctuations, especially the comma. It may not help us to check the entire grammar mistakes, the silly mistakes we commit. At times Grammarly also accepts our meaningful SMS language. (None of them 100% accurate)

    May be the premium version of Grammarly(we need to buy) might help to detect the serious grammar mistakes.

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    Till now I have been using only the Google Spellchecker. I can see that Grammarly is good and gives good suggestions. I'm not sure to what extent this tool will be good but I will try this out for some time and see how this goes.

    All these tools are man-made, we can expect 100 percent accuracy from these tools. However if this is going to be better than Google Spellchecker, then I will be using it or else I will be uninstalling it. Good to try something new. It works or not works is a different thing. But trying it out is good.

    Thanks for providing me an exposure to this new application. I was not aware of this before.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

    Quote: "It doesn't matter what we want. once we get it, then we want something else."

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    The pro version of the software does provide you better suggestions as far as writing good English is concerned.

    On the sidelines - though some would see it off topic - has anyone tried Paper Rater. It is said to rate your article based on the quality of your language. It is also believed to provide better tips and suggestions to improve your writeup.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    I gave it another try a few minutes back - posted Sun's initial message in it. It did not point out any mistake except the word 'desk top' which I corrected to 'desktop'. After that the Grammarly said that everything is okay.

    Now just for illustration purpose (Sun do not take any offense please), I am making corrections to Sun's initial message which has been okayed by the Grammarly twice (once Sun checked it in the Grammarly & then I did that):-


    Members, (one line space should be here)
    Are you using Grammarly ? (there should not be any space between the word Grammarly & the punctuation mark) It is a very useful tool to improve your English. Grammarly checks our spelling mistakes, checks and advises the right pronouns, right prepositions, articles, tenses punctuation etc. (there should be a comma between the words tenses & punctuation) I have downloaded Grammarly in my desktop. (the preposition 'in' is wrong - one never downloads 'in my desktop', it should be 'to my desktop' or 'on my desktop'). It is an excellent tool I found. I am much pleased with its performance.

    Members, If you are using Grammarly, ("If" should not be capitalized) kindly post your views and comments about its use. If you don't have it, please download it and enjoy the fruit of it (it should be 'fruits of') and post your experience with Grammarly here . (An extra space between the last word & the punctuation mark)


    Now, the corrections made by me are not comprehensive. I might 've overlooked something or might 've made a mistake too, quite possible.
    Secondly, the Grammarly could not find out the following mistakes-
    a) punctuation mistakes at 4-5 places
    b) wrong usage of the preposition
    c) it okayed the three verb-less sentences which I had tried out on an earlier occasion. It means that it cannot correct the verbs too.

    So, what exactly can it do, Mr Sun? Can it play cricket or can drive a car or can woo a girl? Sir, please do enlighten us!

    Members, who 've downloaded the software, may paste the thread matter in the Grammarly & check the veracity of my claim

    PFA the screenshot of the corrections made by the Grammarly.

    Delete Attachment

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    I would simply say that finally and firmly - " Something is better than nothing." Even after studying in schools, colleges and universities for many years, and also after getting distinctions and too many awards, we tend to commit grammar mistakes. One may score 100 percent in mathematics but never in the English subject.

    1. Space is not very important ( An extra space before the full stop or question mark doesn't matter much. Even while writing by hand we give space or no space or double space)
    2. The preposition is always a confusion to the users. (Good at English or Good in English.)
    3. After an address 'Members', the sentence should(repeat) should always commence with a capital beginning.
    4. Fruit of it and fruits of its has no seriousness in it.
    5. There can be a word(double word) following a single word that need not be separated by a comma. Hence the comma between tenses and punctuation has not been checked but ignored by Grammarly.
    6. In my, or to my, or on my cannot be understood well by the Grammarly.

    Finally, when love is thin, faults are thick - A proverb to be understood.


    The author of the response #572930 can suggest a better or best tool to have our English checked for accurate English grammar check rather than finding faults with Grammarly.

    I am happy to work with Grammarly. If members don't like it, kindly don't use it. Please look for something better than Grammarly.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Good topic raised by the author and also abled to get good number of response.I went through all comments,really it's proved very useful to me.Except grammarly,i wasn't aware of other software,now here i come to know.And of course no software can replace human intellectual.But even that we should have to keep discussing such thread,so that we can share our knowledge with each other.But remember discussing never let to be turn into a quarrel field.Sometime,some might have mistake while writing,it doesn't mean he had negative intention.

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    Mr Sun,

    Saying it finally and firmly does not mean that you are right. Even if you say the same thing billion times, the facts & grammar rules would remain the same.

    You are not getting the point. Here is an example which can make you understand my viewpoint:- while in school, we learnt tables. Now for example, I remember the table of 19 & you don't. So when I need to multiply 19 & 7, I will make use of what I learnt in school, and you would use a calculator for the same.

    Moreover, you are wrong on another count too - "students do not get 100% marks in English". If you look at the results of CBSE, you will come to know that students do get 100% marks in English too.

    Hope it will make you understand what I 've been saying. And by the way it is not drum beat, it is drumbeat. (No offense intended.)

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    I am personally of the opinion that none of these tools are actually helpful if you do not have a fair idea about grammar or spellings. All such tools have limited scope and they may okay a sentence or a word if it is spelled correctly and makes sense though it may be wrong in the context we are using it.

    For example they will not detect any error if you write 'the' in place of 'them' but an error will be shown if you spell it as 'teh' or 'tehm'. To give a live example, see the last paragraph of the response by Timmappa at #572698- 'Apart from my own contributions, I have take care of......'- the preposition 'to' is missing between have and take and he is using Grammarly. So, that is the point. One has to be careful and have to recheck even while using such check tools to ensure correctness.

    Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad - Miles Kington.

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