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    Is it possible to retain 'Membership Level' by not using recalculation tool?

    As we all know, certain specified number of points are required to be earned for retaining a 'Membership Level' e.g. a platinum level member has to earn minimum 10,000 points during the last 12 months to retain his level failing which his/her membership level is reverted to 'Diamond Level'. Also in case such members earn less than 2,500 points during the last 12 months, then their membership level is reverted to 'Gold Level' by default.
    Because of this reason only, there are cases wherein members having earned more than 50,000 points are appearing under the 'Diamond Level' members list.
    What if the members are not touching their recalculation tool ?
    Will the system detect such cases also and revert the member to a lower level as per laid down policy?
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    The recalculation of points button is such an important button that it will push you down to the earth to maintain the member level you really deserve. There are few highest level members who never like to see the 'Recalculate your points' button, because of fear that they would go down from platinum to diamond and diamond to gold or to nil as applicable. I remember a platinum member who if uses the button would certainly get into silver level if I am not wrong.

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    #572550 (Mr. Sun) : I saw a member who can drop from Platinum level to Gold level if 'Recalculate Points' button is used. And, I think its the maximum possible drop. I don't understand how a member can get from Platinum level to Silver level. Is it really possible?

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    It is not only to silver but also to a zero level member if the requisite points are not maintained and due to prolonged absentism at ISC.

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    I have seen many Diamond level members with zero rank in the list. However, the discussion is about maintaining Member Level.
    Why the admins are not recalculating the points of all members and placing them at the place which they actually deserve as per the policies and guidelines of the ISC.

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    For those who are regulars and consistent to this site, need not worry about the diminishing rank level or rank position. For me recalculating the points and cash credit button does not arise as I wont do that much. What I feel that whether we refresh the button or not, the points earned by us are recalculated automatically by the system and that can be seen every week when it changes.
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    Diamon and Platinum lelve members may go down up to Gold level due to absense of contribution. They can't go below that. By not using the Recalculate button, they may be able to stick to their level, which is like a police officer using his old uniform and badge after he is depromoted. Someday, the badge will be taken away by the authorities.
    Tony John
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    Thank you, Mr. Tony, for offering official clarification regarding the subject matter.
    I have found that one platinum level member is not fulfilling the set eligibility criteria.

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    So a Gold or below level Member has nothing to lose even if he/she doesn't contribute!
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