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    Are more people getting myopia due to not spending enough time outside?

    Yes, this is what the scientists came to know that myopia or short-sightedness has raised among most of the students in these days. It affected more than 90% school leavers in South-East Asian regions. Myopia normally happens in childhood where the eye grows excessively large, due to which everything seems blurring. It can be corrected by wearing glasses, contact lenses or laser therapy.

    The risk factors of myopia is excessive seating near computer or work, late night studies and lack of time spent in outside. Our skin needs sufficient vitamin D which directly comes from sun. So, give your sufficient time in reading daylight instead in night to prevent yourself from myopia like eye disease.
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    In the case of a myopic eye, the eyeball is generally longer from front to back. This causes the light rays to focus at a point in front of the retina instead of directly on the retina. There may be other reasons also like the lens of the eye being thicker or a cornea that is too curved for the length of the eyeball or a combination of two or more such factors.
    The common causes of myopia getting developed are as follows -
    1. Myopia appears to be an inherited condition i.e. the children with myopic parents have an enhanced risk of developing such condition.
    2. Environmental exposures, such as sunlight has also been attributed to be one of the factors.
    3. Close up work like working on computers/laptop and such other work also contributes in getting such conditions developed.
    4. Circadian rhythms which regulate the human body systems according to the cycles of light and dark i.e. day and night has also been reported as a factor for the development of myopia.

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    I agree with the author and the findings of the researchers that excessive studies leads to myopia. My daughter was not having eye sight problems. But due to her excessive studies every day late in the night and also early morning proved costly for her eyes and now she has to wear specs for able and right reading and writing. The educational institutes are vying each other to secure best ranks and making the students to toil beyond their capacity and in the process the parents are also equally bothered to be vigil and cooperate with the child for late hour studies. But who is thinking about eye sight and myopia related diseases. Everyone wanted to excel at the cost of health.
    K Mohan
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    Well, this is an important information. Now a days, timings of some schools/colleges are from morning to evening. Case in point, 07:30 AM to 07:30 PM for my brother who is studying +2 now. I don't know about North India but this is the case in most of the schools in South India. They just make students work and work to achieve some ranks/marks. So, almost all of the children who study well (no biasing meant) are getting sight problem and are wearing spectacles. I don't have that problem as my college's from 09:30 AM to 04:30 PM and I need to travel one hour to reach college from home or vice versa.

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