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    Clay pot cooked foods are full of nutrition

    It was scientifically proven that food cooked in clay pot is full of nutrition as compared to food cooked in aluminium/non-stick pans. For example, when dal cooked in pressure cooker, the dal burst out due to temperature, but never cook properly and we won't get sufficient micronutrient present in that. However, food cooked in clay pot never lost its micronutrient, and it tastes very delicious. Our body is made up of soil. When a dead body burnt everything except some bones merges with the soil. So, food cooked in clay pot is highly effective and healthier for us.

    At Puri, in Jagannath temple, all items cooked in clay pots since its beginning. A layer of seven pots kept one after one, from below large size to top small size; and the head cook checks the top pot item whether cooked or not and confirm about all the rest six pots. The Puri Prasad/bhog cooked in clay pot lasts for a weak long without staling.
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    Clay is a porous material and therefore when soaked in cold water and then heated, slow evaporation of water/steam takes place from its pores. However, a comparatively higher temperature of the oven/hearth/stove is required as the clay is not a good conductor of the heat. The unglazed clay pots soak up more liquid and produce more steam from their pores during the cooking process.
    It takes longer time in cooking food in a clay pot.
    The main reason of difference in the taste of the food is that the food is cooked at a very slow rate in traditional clay pots. Cooking in a pressure cooker is sort of forced cooking by increasing temperature as well as pressure.
    As a matter of fact, chemical processes like hydrolysis and decomposition etc. takes place during the cooking process. Cooking at a higher temperature result in such chemical changes in the micro-nutrients that they lose their beneficial effects.
    Cooking food at higher temperature in a metal pot is fraught with the danger of getting the food burnt also which spoils the food.

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    Before the invention and introduction of metal pots, we had only earthern pots. It was the only the item available for us then to cook our food. I will agree that the food cooked in earthern pot is tasty and delicious but not the nutrient value. The earthern pots don't give away any nutrient value to the cooked food. All the soils are not filled with the human bones. Do you mean that every inch of the soil has been buried with dead bodies? Ridiculous!
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    I am not saying as all the soils are filled with the human bones. I want to say that our body is made up of soil and after our death it merges with soil. All the prime requirements for our health is available in this earth/soil. Due to which soil is very important for us.
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    Now a days, people are claiming themselves to be modern and they are looking the cooking in clay pots etc,. as a joke. The food cooked in clay pots will be tasty for sure and it also stays fresh for more time when compared to the so called modern pots made of metal. Cooking in clay pots may or may not add any nutrient value to the food but we can be sure that the available nutrient value will not be decreased. Doing this may not be possible now but facts must be accepted.

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    Clay pots were designed for cooking on firewood and cow-dung cakes. The slow cooking process allowed the ingredients to break down slowly, thus giving the food a unique texture and flavor. Food cooked in a clay pot on an open fire has a distinct taste.

    I recall my neighbour using clay pots to cook 'mah ki dal' (black urad) and 'rajma' (kidney beans) in a tandoor. She would let these dishes cook overnight. The end result was a yummy, creamy dish. My grandma made 'paya' (trotters) and 'nihari' (a meat dish) in clay pots. All I remember is her setting the clay pots on embers of a make-shift 'chulha' in her backyard. The meat served to us the next morning would be succulent and full of flavours.

    I think the medium of cooking also plays a significant part in how nutritious and tasty a dish is. The benefits of slow cooking would be more. These days clay pot pressure cookers and microwaveable clay pots are also available.

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    How could you say that our body is made up of soil? Is human body made of clay like the idols held in temples. It may sound fit to a poet to compose a poem. One poet has said," Kaayame ithu poyyada... Karradaitha Paiyyada, Maayanaram Kuyavan seitha mannum Paandam Odada.......( The human body is made of clay by the great God in the air filled virtual world) The earthern pots can tolerate any heat and will not melt. However, the nutrient value can be had only from the item we cook, not from the pot.

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    My early childhood was in a village. We were using earthen pots cooking, storing water etc. there. However after moving to a town, mostly metal vessels were used. Earthen pots were used for storing water in summer and for storing some nuts , seeds and cereals.

    I don't know whether the earthen pots can be used on LPG gas stoves' and whether the pots can withstand the high temperature of such stoves..
    Earthen pots are coming back. In Kerala the 'Pongaala' similar to the 'Pongal ' in Tamil Nadu is becoming popular in many temples as an offering. In Pongaala, rice, jiggery etc. are cooked in earthern pots using firewood. Some 'star' hotels use mud pots in place of bowls and vessels for serving food.

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    Yes It is the fact that clay pot cooked food is always tasty and no one can resist it. Probably it is the most cleanest and yet cheapest way to cook and at the same time it is also tasty too. Most of the elders who belong to yesteryear would prefer to prepare food in clay pots and with fire wood. In most of the temples of Tamil Nadu the clay pot was only used to cook Prasad for the God and thus many temple reverted to modern way of cooking through gas stove. Even Tirumala Laddu was prepared through old method of cooking, but on seeing the demand for Laddus, the Srivari kitchen turned modern and now Laddus are prepared by automatic machines.
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    Clay pot cooked food are really good to health as well the taste is super. Dr.Chef Dhamodaran, who is also giving cookery demo's in televisions used to cook only in clay pots and used to suggest the same to the viewers. Moreover it has been told by one of my old grandma that cooking rice in pressure cooker is not advisable as cooking the rice in open vessel only good for health.

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