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    Parents be aware: One student in every five drunker in India

    As per a survey by an NGO it was found that in every five drunker a student was there. Not only this, it was found that wines being served in bars and liquor shops to students below the age group of 16; which is really a crime in India. After exposure of this report in media, our District Collector and Superintendent of Police has taken immediate actions and caught many students with drunk & drive cases, as well as in public areas, bars and wine shops. Most of the students are staying in hostel and used to drink in Saturday and Sundays in their hostel premises / balconies, parks and sea shores. Parents must be aware of this and if anyone found their neighbour's son/daughter with such illicit activity please inform their parents and educate them. What're the reasons to eradicate such issues in our society? Please share with us.
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    Unfortunately or fortunately, even today, the people who take alcoholic drink in India are much less than the people taking alcoholic drink in the west. So, I strongly disagree to the findings of the NGO. Very few people take alcoholic drink beyond prescribed limit while driving in India.
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    Generally many students leave their home after 10+2 stage for pursuing various degree courses, often located away at distant places. At this stage, the students are in the age group of 18 to 20 years and perhaps first time in their life get freedom from the strict parental control. Most of the average students have to live in hostels at far away places where admission in private engineering colleges become possible. There they come in contact with senior students who resort to ragging and pass on bad habit like drinking, smoking etc. to first timer naive students.
    I had once read a report that in few engineering colleges, the students resort to even criminal activities like snatching and waylaying people on deserted roads/highways in a bid to arrange for money for such vices.
    Nowadays we sometimes hear news about girl students drinking and creating ruckus at public places.
    Such students cheat their parents and ask for money on one pretext or the other. The girlfriend factor also come in picture and in the name of enjoying their college life, they not only ruin their future career but devastate the old age of their parents also.

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    This is really disturbing news for the parents. But I wont give much credence to this news when the children are under the eagle eyes of the parents. We leave the children at the school or college and pick up them from the school or college and during working hours there is no chance of students getting out of school or college campus. But I have the strong doubts on the students who are staying away from parents at the hostels and guest rooms in various locations around their study centers. When there is no parental control over the students, they are bound to go the other way and this news would send alarm bells to the parents to set the things right.
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    With the passage of time and gaining experience about various alcoholic beverages, these young men and in some cases, women, will definitely become aware of their body's limit of accepting alcohol. They would take drink accordingly and remain safe and sound on road.
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    This is why educating your children is very important. I do not agree that keeping an eagle eye on children is the only solution. That only ensures that children do not go astray under the watchful eyes of the parent. What about when the parents are not around?

    Chaperoning children to and fro from home/school/college is not the answer to a problem. Parents should speak to their children. Explain to them why certain things are bad. For example, the law defines a certain age for drinking. Children should be made aware that there are legal implications for underage drinking. They should be explained the consequences of consuming alcohol – social implications, personal safety, health issues and the lot.

    A child who is made aware of things will abstain from erring. Parents should not just be watching and guarding their children, they should also be teaching them. Lessons taught at home stay with us for the rest of our lives. Such children will generally not fall prey to peer pressure.

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    This is a shocking fact which shows how students are changing these days. If parents guide their children in the right way, I think this won't happen. In my class of 30 boys, 25 boys drink alcoholic beverages but I don't. One of them encouraged me to drink once but I denied. Thanks to my parents who guided me in the right way. As I am seeing my friends, I can say that its an addiction. No student must be allowed to drink as it may result in destruction of his/her career. An adult may drink if he has control over himself but it is not recommended.

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