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    A pregnant lady should be like this

    What a pregnant lady should do to bear and deliver an intelligent child? When Abhimanyu the son of Arjun could hear the words of Krishna from her mother Subhadra's womb, why not our child hear and understand the same through their mother while in their womb. Here are eight tips to get the right child.

    1. A lady should listen to music and also sing - Her child will be an excellent singer.
    2. A lady should watch the dances - Her child will be an excellent dancer.
    3. A lady should listen to good stories and preachings - Her child will be a good story teller.
    4. A lady should watch movies especially the Hero and heroines - Her child will be a Hero or heroine in their life.
    5. A lady should enjoy comedy scenes - Her child will also enjoy comedy and be a comedian.
    6. A lady should watch politicians and their good speeches - The child will be a good politician and also a good speaker.
    7. A lady should read good books, newspapers, and magazines - The child will be an intelligent guy with wisdom and knowledge.
    8. Always look at beautiful pictures - So that the child will be extremely beautiful.

    If a lady does all the eight above, she would deliver a baby who would be an all rounder.

    Ladies can try, and hubbies can advise their own good ladies to follow my eight tips to give birth to a bright and intelligent all-rounder child.

    Post your views, opinion, and comments, please
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    The imagination of a pregnant woman reflects in her baby's character and appearance. It's not only mentioned in Mahabharata, scientifically it's also proven. Due to which every pregnant woman has to read good, holistic and knowledge books so that her unborn will baby will filled with the same knowledge and spirit before her birth. A woman used to make Ganesha's idols in mud when she was six month pregnant; her son is too fond of Ganesha, brilliant like Ganesha, an artist, painter and writer. All the characters get intuited in that child, what the mother used to practice during her pregnancy. Positively, a pregnant lady shouldn't watch violent movies, not read violent / crime stories etc which can create sentiment and personality of child.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    After reading his thread, I searched for more such information and found this. Babies start to listen in their 18th or 24th week and they respond too. A mother said that her baby kicked her hard from inside when she went to a heavy metal concert and the kicks were so intense that she had a broken rib. So, note that babies don't like heavy sounds. They like only the calm sounds. Also, babies feel what mothers feel. Mothers with stress etc,. are likely to give birth to children with asthma etc,. If the tips mentioned by Mr. Sun are followed, mothers are most likely to give births to an all rounder.

    Let us continue learning.

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    this all are just a hoax and nothing else, I believe that people should concentrate on the food habit of the mother and take care of her very seriously
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