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    Defence people cannot defend themselves

    The recent loss of an Airforce plane carrying 29 defence personnel is an evidence that our own defence people cannot defend themselves. The good old AN 32 Aircraft , a passenger and cargo carrier which was on its way from Chennai to Portblair is missing after one hour of its take off from Chennai. Search is in progress. Nothing has been found. It is alleged that it was an old aircraft which has undergone repairs three times in this month. Yet the aircraft was set to fly over the sea for 3 continuous hours. Whom should we blame? The aircraft or the authority who ordered to fly? Is it not right to write off such aircraft after its expiry date? Finally, we have lost 29 fighting souls due to the negligence and over confidence of ignorant Airforce authorities.

    Members, What is your comment on this loss of defence aircraft?

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    At the outset it is really disturbing that AN 32 Aircraft of Air force is missing with passengers and crew. Previously we use to blame the airlines for not maintaining the air crafts when they become old and not suitable to flying operations. But how come Air force can be so lethargic in maintaining their fleet. Suppose if war occurs can we combat with such worst air crafts ? What is astonishing is the fact that every year the Defence budget is increasing and we are unable to understand as to why the basics of Indian Air force are not addressed. Surely this is the case of lethargy and over riding the orders and people behind this air craft disappearance must be booked.
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    I know that the AN 32 aircraft with 29 defense personnel is missing but I don't know that the aircraft was in bad condition. And, I thought the incident happened due to some technical problems. This clearly shows how negligent and careless some air force authorities are. All the people who took part in approving the AN 32 aircraft for travel must be punished. We can say that they indirectly murdered 29 defense personnel.

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    AN-32 cargo aircraft is a Russian aircraft inducted in the Indian Air Force in the mid-nineties. It forms the backbone of the transport arm of the force and IAF is currently operating a fleet of about 105 AN-32s. It is a twin-engined turboprop military transport aircraft.
    Indian Air Force initially bought 125 aircraft, out of which 105 are still operational and presently undergoing modernization which includes providing modern avionics equipment, new oxygen systems, and improved crew seats.
    Unfortunately, there had been many AN-32 crashes in the past also in India. The following is a list of serious/major accidents involving an AN-32 -
    1. 1986 - An An-32 was lost in the Arabian Sea and the wreckage was never recovered.
    2. 1999 - Total 21 people, including 18 men from the force got killed in an air crash near the Indira Gandhi International Airport.
    3. 2009 - Total 13 defence personnel got killed when an AN-32 crashed in Arunachal Pradesh.
    4. 2014 - An AN-32 with 11 people on board crash-landed at the Chandigarh Airport.

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    Calm yourself Krishna. Rushing up to a conclusion, just because someone else has given his opinion, isn't fair. Simply blaming the Airforce personnel, even before the cause of the crash is known, doesn't show maturity on our part. Wait for the full reports to come up. As of now, no one knows how it crashed. Once the debris are found and an enquiry is done, will it be clear, why the plane crashed. As of now no one knows, whether the aircraft was in a bad condition or not. Nor can we predict, whether the crash was due to negligence or carelessness on the part of the Airforce personnel. Till then, please reserve your judgement, and don't get unnecessarily influenced by others opinion. I can understand, as you are still a college student and young in age, you get emotional real quick. In some other threads too, there have been instances, where you got influenced by the opinion of others, at the drop of a hat. Perhaps, you can have a check on such tendencies.
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    You are not required to taunt a member for his response. The members view on the subject was called for. Krishna has opened out with his own views and opinion about the incident.

    You are requested to give your views, comments and opinion on the subject rather than advising or guiding others. You should have posted a general response to this thread without addressing a particular member.

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    Mr. Dhurv, It is highly probable that an aircraft failed 3 times in a month had failed again. And, I cannot think of any other reason besides the negligence of air force personnel (they know that the aircraft needed repairs three times in the same month) and therefore, I expressed my opinion in that way.

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    Due to continuous negligence of armed forces and weaponry and equipment since 1991, the IAF is forced to use various old aircraft. This has been the reason for many accidents during training. We should not blame the IAF personnel for this unfortunate accident.
    The present Government is sincerely trying to speed up procurement and production of weaponry and instrument for defence forces. However, the negligence of 23 years (1991 to 2014) is taking its price.

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