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    Indian schools must emulate the Japan model of keeping the campus clean by students.

    It is known fact that in most of the Japan schools there are no custodians or maintenance staff to keep the school environs clean and neat. The Japanese education system believes that students must learn themselves about keeping the premises clean, learn responsibility, respect and after wards the education. In one way I totally support the system as the children would know the importance of keeping their area clean and that habit would extend to the home also. Do you support such ideas should be emulated in our schools too ?
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    Discipline should be inculcated at various levels – in schools, in the community we live in and at home. Children learn by example. If they are taught something in school and find the community they live in and their parents doing the opposite from what they are taught, they will grow up to believe that lessons learned in school are useless.

    Take the example of following traffic rules. A very basic lesson that is perhaps taught in every school, at the primary level – keep left while driving. However, we grow up disregarding traffic rules, because everyone around us, including our parents, fails to follow these rules. I once saw a man riding a bike, on the wrong side of the road, a school project portraying traffic rules balancing on the fuel tank of his bike, his wife sat pillion, with their kid sandwiched between them – the heavy school bag dangled from the hook on the side of the bike. Quite a common scene, really – however, the man was flouting many rules. He was without a helmet and riding on the wrong side of the road.

    The lesson his young son was taught in school began and ended with the project, because he would perhaps grow up emulating his father.

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    In the ancient Indian Gurukul system, only the students used to clean the premises and assist their teachers in general in managing the school. Cleanliness habit has to be inculcated in the children since very beginning like toilet training imparted to them by the parents. Generally, posh schools with air-conditioned classrooms are likely to hesitate in deploying their high fee paying students in general housekeeping of the school premises. However, in rural areas perhaps in many schools, students get themselves involved in such exercises.
    In most of the schools, the status of cleanliness of the toilets remains pathetic. Often separate staff is not employed for cleaning the toilets and it is left up to the mercy of the students. Since in most of the cases, the teachers have a separate toilet, they don't pay any attention to the cleanliness of the student's toilet.
    In many schools, graffiti can be seen on the walls of the toilets. Many girl students drop schools because of the inadequate toilet facilities.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Recently, I watched a video in YouTube about some things only done in India. One of them was not keeping our country clean. We all know that this is true. There are only some places which are neat. But now a days, this is changing due to Swach Bharat etc,. programs. Most of the schools are not clean in our country and it may be due to the students throwing rough papers everywhere etc,. If a system like the one in Japan is implemented, it would be really appreciated.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Earlier in every govt school the students make their rooms clean and in every Saturday or routine wise the classes are allowed to make their gardens and sports fields clean. I've studied in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, which is completely residential school, and we're taught everything in this aspect. We always keep our classroom, hostel, veranda, garden, fields clean. Nowadays, it is happening in govt schools, but not in private schools. Most of the private school students' parents think they'll pay for what the school need on behalf of good education to their children. They're directly asking the class teachers why the classroom is not clean and his child's pant/dress got dirty etc. as they're spending much money for their child in this school. I've came across such questionings by many parents earlier.
    Naresh Kumar
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