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    Why many students hate maths?

    Subject is a matter of learning. The interest towards a subject varies from person to person. On an average the hatred towards maths subject is high compared to other subjects. There are people who love maths but still the count of the hatred is high. Some students will be brainy in all the subjects but they will find it difficult to solve a simple mathematical problem. On seeing the numbers and equations, many students are getting distressed and they hate the subject completely.
    Why is it so ? Why many students hate maths?
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    There are lots of person in this world who hate maths the most. And there are also some people in this world who love maths the most so it is equal I think.
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    Generally, when the parents dislike maths, then their children also dislike maths. Learning maths require a disciplined and structured approach. It is like building a multistory building. First of all, the foundation has to be robust and secondly only one floor has to be constructed at one time. The foundations of mathematics are laid at the pre-primary stage at the home even before joining playgroup at school. The toys are to be selected with due application of mind which help in facilitating maths learning.
    Only school teaching may not be sufficient. Tutoring/guidance at home is also required to supplement.
    Only a good foundation of math makes the difference in future. Mathematics enables one to develop logical thinking which helps in learning not only science subjects but all other subjects including humanities in future.
    An inability of a student to develop an interest in mathematics is because of the carelessness of their parents only.
    Computer science is nothing but pure mathematics. Many Indian students made the difference in US companies because of their sound mathematical base only.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The main reason is due to its accuracy. For other subjects with some known points they can develop to certain lines or pages but for mathematics it cannot be. Also repeated mantra that maths is a tough by others say parents, friends or other seniors around make the students feel like fearing and hence hatred.

    One has to see around things relating to some concept of maths say addition, subtraction in childhood(even in counting biscuits, chocolates etc.,) surely create interest in mathematics. But of late who has time to spend time like this with children and hence no body cares about the numbers and at last mathematics.

    For your information and if you are really interested if you go through many of my threads and even resources I have created related to numbers thinking at least one may get interested in mathematics.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I saw many people literally afraid of mathematics. The reason is that the work must be completely done to get the result and partial results cannot be accepted. Another reason is that there is no end to mathematics. If you practice 1000 models of problems, the 1001th model will appear. This is not the case when any other subject is considered.

    In my case, mathematics is an entertainment. The two things I enjoy doing are solving mathematics problems and writing computer programs. I enjoy doing every problem of easy/medium difficulty level as I can solve them with a little effort. I also enjoy problems of hard difficulty level as they help me to learn more.

    @Saroja (#572605) : Can you please give me the links to your posts on mathematics?

    Let us continue learning.

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    Most students start hating Maths because of the pressure. Every parents start pressurising the child to score a very good marks in maths and start scaring them saying it is a very difficult subject and every step is important. Because of this students will start feeling that Maths is a toughest subject which needs lot of efforts and doesn't give their much time to it.
    Maths should be enjoyed and students should think they are playing with the numbers and that will make it easier for them. They should know the basics and every formula. They should enjoy while solving Maths and that will make it an interesting subject.

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    Mathematics is completely different from other subjects. Many students are there, who score good in every subject and ranked in best 10-15 in every class but failed score more in Mathematics only. Mathematics is completely a subject of theory, practice, execution of formulas and computation. Other subjects are just reading, by-hearting and explanation to question. This is why except medical/pharmacy/bio-technology like courses, Mathematics is needed everywhere.
    Since childhood many students have apprehension on Maths subject; however I've seen some candidates who even scored 100/100 also.

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    Mathematics is a subject which calls for more concentration. The mind set up of those who like maths is different from others. Very often the teachers who teach maths in the school classes are playing a role in creating hatred in this subject.
    Actually maths is the best subject, if one understands it clearly.

    This subject is considered as the 'queen of all subjects' in one sense. At the same time it is said to be the 'servant of all subjects'. No subject is there which can be studied without certain mathematical interference. One cannot pass a day without using arithmatics. One starts a day by looking at the time, automatically certain numbers come up. Like this whatever one does a day these numbers poke in.

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    What I feel that maths is the subject matter of equations and solutions for which patience is required. Many of us used to fast food kind of thoughts and practice and hence we may not be interested in maths which requires of lots of remembrance and thinking ability. It is the fact that those who are well versed in other subject and even earned medals are weak at maths. I have seen many students taking tuition for maths and yet not scoring formidable score. The interest in maths must be inculcated from the early stage of education itself and if we see neglect from the child, improvements must be brought with easy method of learning the same with fun.
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    The main reason why students hate maths is because they are not exposed much to the good aspects of mathematics. They will come to know the real fun of maths only if they get the right teacher. I even had the same problem. Then I was let into a tuition where my tuition teacher removed the fear that I had towards maths. It is not that students are not capable of grasping the mathematics but it is the fact that their exposure to right things are not proper. Good teachers make good students. They should get a good feeling about maths. Even the maths teaches nowadays say to the students that it is a tough subject if they don't concentrate properly.

    This thought strongly sits in the mind of people and makes them feel down for the subject throughout their life. That is the reason why many people start hating maths subject the most. If proper attention is given to the students and if they are made to believe that maths is the most interesting subject of all and every aspect of live has maths in it, then the student will find it comfortable and start leaning with interest. So it is the responsibility of the teachers.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

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    Frankly, I find no logic in saying that if the parents dislike maths, the kids will do the same. Here, I would blame the teachers, if their student finding hard in their subject. Yes, the interest of students required too, to understand maths but it is the teacher who put the foundation on a student.

    I was one of the students who disliked maths and was afraid. Now, when I understand that situation, I directly blame to my teacher. I was doing fairly well in other subject except maths. Instead of knowing my genuine problem with the subject, he started taunting me, insulting me in front of the students. Slowly, I lost the interest in Maths and started disliking teacher too. Later, somehow with my own hard work, I did pass the final exam with good marks in maths.

    However, the first person who is responsible is teacher. They just can't deny it. They should understand the student if anyone is weak in maths instead poking them and degrade them.

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    Mathematics is the subject where the involvement and sitting is necessary. Many students like only the tasting the tips but not whole (in Tamil, Nunippul MEythal), so they are not liking maths. In addition the teacher also responsible for making the students to like maths. My Pre University (1973-Madura college,Madurai) Maths lecturers (Mr.K.G.Krishnan-Algebra,Mr.Sitaraman-Trignometry,Mr.Raghavan-Analytical Geometry, Mr.Chari-Calculus) are to be really remembered here by me as the mathematics are really new to us after our High School classes and they made us to score high marks only with their teaching. I scored 19/200. Anything studied with interest will not get boredom.

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    If there is a question that why people hate maths then I think that the only reason which is behind that is that the students find the student very much difficult and uneasy for them to digest in their mind and the only thing which is left for them is hating and they started hating.
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    Maths is an abstract subject. This makes it slightly difficult to grasp on ones own, especially during early years. A good teacher is essential in those years to form proper basics. Secondly, like many other subjects, it has to be learnt sequentially in a particular order to be properly understood.

    A reason why many hate maths could also be because over the years we have given disproportionate importance to maths as compared to other subjects. Being good at maths is seen as synonomous with being intelligent no matter what one's performance is in other subjects. (Recently I came to know of a principal of a reputed school who instructed the teachers handling admissions to give admission to any student who has done well in the maths exam even if they fail other subjects and to deny admission to those who have not fared well in maths even if they have scored well in other subjects.) Such importance to maths could add to the fear it generates in some people.
    Another thing is, many students feel that what they are learning doesn't have any real life applications for them, but the truth is we use maths in almost everything we do... we just need to notice it from the right perspective to understand that.

    @ Naresh (#572649) - Maths is used a lot even in the courses you have mentioned. Being from Biotech background myself I can assure you that there is a lot of maths even here. Whether its graphs, probability, algebra, quadratic equations or simple calculations, its all there. Despite being a maths lover, some of the maths involved in genetics actually sends my mind reeling.


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