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    When the students should start searching for jobs?

    Generally, only after completing the final degree, students start searching for jobs. It is presumed that a job is something which has to be bothered about after completing studies. However, such an attitude results in wastage of years for students in searching for jobs and making efforts to get one.
    Should the job search started immediately after joining a degree course after completing 10+2, concurrently with the studies?

    Few say that it is advisable to start a job search in the penultimate year of the degree course.
    In my opinion, learning the techniques of searching a suitable job should be a part of the curriculum itself.

    What is your valuable opinion regarding the subject matter?
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    I think what you say is right in current perspective but during study one has to think related to study only. Let the student think about the job during last semester of the study. The only thing is that during last semester they need to sharpen their axe. They should be knowing current market scenario, desirable skills like software knowledge and right attitude towards the job being offered. Most of the time, student thinking about high pay scale job will be most suitable for them but I think, the amount of learning you will get in job is most important in future perspective.

    During last semester or before that they should learn software, personality development course and all. But a part of curriculum is more than extra pressure.

    Paresh B. Gujarati

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    Now a days most of the job opportunities are available through campus selection itself where in big companies come to the college and identify the right candidates for them and give their offer. Now it has become practice by some companies that they are selecting the students in first year itself with the rider that they must perform with given targets and thus they would be taken in to company contract as trainee. Such offers are seen in top 10 colleges of the big cities and thus students need not worry about jobs. If they are performer, regular and having the leadership quality, eloquent in English, and above all well dressed. He is sure to get the job.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Searching job is really very difficult with competition increasing everyday. No doubt, there are campus placements but not every student gets placed in the campus. And for students who don't get selected in campus, will have to struggle a lot outside to find a job. So every student should develop the required skill for applying a job. They should improve their communication skills, they should have a positive attitude and should never give up. They should know the Technic to impress the interviewer and stand out of the crowd and get noticed. Just having a degree and knowledge is not enough to get a job, one should have the ability to showcase what he knows and success will be his.

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    Almost all the interviews involve testing of communication skills rather than testing of technical skills. Technical skills are necessary but they are given less priority in most interviews. So, a student can start searching for a job if he/she has the required communication skills and some technical skills from final year or from the penultimate year.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Getting a job is not end of one's career. If a student good in studies and s/he prepares mentally that s/he want to be a doctor / engineer, then after 10+2/intermediate s/he will try for that. Once s/he got selected through entrance tests and continue his/her studies, s/he will not think about job.
    If a candidate just below the higher grade and didn't qualify to any JEE like entrance tests, s/he will continue his/her study in other professional subjects like pharmacy/ diploma/ B. Tech/ B. E. /BBA/or any other; and after completion of this course only s/he will think about job.
    Both Average & Rank students attempt in NDA, Defence, NAVY, Airforce, Army, Police, Competitive Exams like Railway, Banking, etc. and once they get selected they won't think about any higher studies. This is because; once they got any state/central govt. job they don't want to lose anymore.
    So, as per my knowledge if a student thinks that his/her study completes then s/he can search for job. Or else, if s/he is eligible for any good job after intermediate/graduate and got selected while applying, then s/he must not leave that.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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