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    How to 'increase' revenue earning at ISC?

    I am not sharing any tip about the subject matter. Instead, I want to learn the tips from the experienced ISCians.
    After spending more than one year at ISC, I now know that as to what are the various sections of ISC and where comparatively more cash credits can be earned.
    My question is about the tips which are likely to 'increase' revenue earning e.g. how to write articles which fetch more cash credits, say in the range of 80 to 100 instead of being restricted to the bracket of 30 to 40.
    Same applies in the case of ask expert answers. How to increase cash credits in the ask expert section from 2 to 3 range to the 6 to 10 range.
    Also, how to get more prizes and rewards.
    How to 'increase' revenue earning at ISC?
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    The question it self has answer. Good quality content gets good reward.
    The Editor normal look for the appropriate answers ( related to question), good key words . Then only it will attract traffic from search engine, and according to that editor will give good cash credit as well as Google adsense revenue will also get increased.

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    What are good key words. Please give some examples.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Read the articles and AE answers that has got more points and compare the contents with those that have been awarded lesser cash; you will get to know the difference very easily. Points and cc are awarded based on quality, language, appropriateness and relevance among other criteria that the editors follow as per instructions of the admin. This is no rocket science that each and every point can be outlined in a precise and strict manner.
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    There cannot be definite rules and regulations to suggest key words on how to get maximum out of article. For example if you are writing a article on "Society help through school students " the same heading can be written in many ways to attract the netizens to your content. " School dons the role of Community helpers" Now you can see vast difference with the heading itself. The first heading was simple, but the second heading has some creativity and new words are introduced. This is what liked by the Google team also. They are in search of articles which are more people friendly and the net users are always look for new content with new headings.
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