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    Query related to pending article

    I submitted one article few days ago and is pending for following reasons-

    "Reason: You can put do-follow links to the university site. Refer: Also, you can give a direct link to our Study Abroad section (UK category).""

    I mentioned the direct link to our Study Abroad section (UK category) but I am not able to understand about "You can put do-follow links to the university site. Refer:"

    I request the experts to help me for the same.
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    I also don't know as to what is a 'do-follow links'. Yesterday, I had also received an advice from the article editors which contained the 'do-follow links' phrase. Though I could modify my article in respect of other offered advice, but nothing could be done regarding the ' do-follow links' parts in absence of any knowledge about the same.
    The phrase may be common for technical people working in computers field but it is not known to non-technical persons (in computers field) like me.
    It is therefore requested that the same may be explained in a simple language, intelligible to all concerned.

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    Please give the link of the said article.

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    Sometimes such meaningless explanations do come. It would be better to directly contact the Lead Editor in such cases.
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    As far as I understand , it simply means that you can give a direct link of the university web site in your article.

    Earlier there was a policy that when we have to mention a website url for reference, we should give a no follow link. That is, on a 'no-follow' link the click will not take reader automatically to the linked site. The 'do-follow' link(no necessity to mention do follow) is what we usually do for giving a link to our posts or articles . On click that will take us to the linked page.

    The reason given to give a do-follow link now is because they were prohibited by ISC earlier and now allowed as per the new policy

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    @#572619 Dear AT, please find below the link for that particular article for your reference.


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    Look at the points mentioned below and try to follow for quick approval:

    A. Use keyword as anchor text for internal links. Anchor texts are the clickable words which we provide in any clickable link. For internal link HTML tag should be like this:

    <a href="/forum/146904-Size-of-images-Policy-change.aspx">ISC's new image policy</a>

    The anchor text in above code is "ISC's new image policy".

    B. But while we use external clickable links, we have to be more cautious. Point to be noted that we should not use any keyword as anchor text for external link. Try to use name of the site or product or even url itself as anchor text.

    1. Add target="_blank" and rel="nofollow" in above link if you are providing any clickable link of private / third party sites like Airtel, Reliance etc. In that case, the code should be written like this:

    <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Reliance official website</a>

    2. Add only target="_blank" and don't use rel="nofollow" for the external link to government sites, university websites, reputed colleges etc. While you are not using rel="nofollow" attribute in any HTML tag for clickable link, it is called 'do-follow' itself. However, the HTML tag should be as follow:

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    3. In case the site name or product name itself is keyword and you have no other option but to use it as anchor text, you should add rel="nofollow" in the HTML tag positively. It is must for the link to government or high-authority sites also.

    4. ISC does not encourage external link to any small site or personal blog except if it is truly essential for the article and for that link you should follow point no. 1.

    Editor, ISC

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    I think none should post such meaningless comment. There are always some reasons behind all the comments suggested by editors which help not only ISC but the authors also, directly or indirectly, for their AdSense earning. No editor is allowed to give any suggestion as per his / her own choice. There are some guidelines for editors and all follow those points only.

    I can found that the above article was edited by one of the experienced editors and the point as suggested is very valid for SEO purpose.

    Hence, the suggestions what you receive may not be meaningful to you but never those are meaningless! And to make them meaningful to you, always raise the point in forum.

    I also think that it is better to post any such issue in forum only. If you send any personal mail to anyone, it may be delayed to get reply as recipient may miss your mail or may be offline or many more whereas in forum there are many members who can give the right answer immediately. Any forum editor is also able to inform the issue to the concerned editors whenever it comes to his / her notice.

    Editor, ISC

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    Chaitali Ray Chaudhuri (Datta) (#572626) - Thank you for your enlightening response.
    However, my following article is pending with advice to insert 'a do-follow attribute' link -
    The link I want to insert is a Government of India website -
    I attempted various permutations and combinations explained by you in your above mentioned response, but could not succeed.
    The anchor text is 'Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation' and url is
    Please help me by citing specific code to be posted in my article by giving above case only as an example.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Kailash, you can use the following code,
    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    Thanks & Regards,
    Editor - Forum, Ask Experts.

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    My problem is solved now with the support for our editors.
    I would like to thank our editors for supporting me promptly.


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    Jebaprincy - I followed your advice and submitted the article for approval. Let us see what happens. However, in any case, very many thanks to you.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Kailash, you didn't follow the code exactly. You have missed the double quote marks in your link. The link leads to error. Please use the exact HTML code I have given above.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Editor - Forum, Ask Experts.

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    Jebaprincy- I re-submitted after correction as advised. I thought that double quotes are to be removed as normally we do while inserting HTML codes copied from given examples. Thank you again.
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    I am new in this site please say how many days it take to approve the article which has been submitted. Because I have submitted an article but still now it is not approved.
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    #572814 - It is always advisable to give url of the article so that the concerned editors can examine the issue concerned, specifically.
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    Babu Saroj, please raise a separate thread to seek clarification to your query.
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